150120 Official Twitter Update

New Ledapple’s photo has published!!

And Ledapple decided to aluable activities in 2015 as a 4-piece band.

They change their name as artist.

JUN (youngjun) , Aki (hyoseok) , Kei (kyumin), Kyo (kyosung)

Please support them!! >>>Ledapple official site http://ledapple

Another pictures will be published on this Friday at facebook^^

Kyo Birthday messages?

April 20th is the birthday of LEDapple newest lil’ member, and because of that they’re making a box for fans to leave presents and fan messages for him on next weekends music talk (18th and 19th)! 

Being in Tokyo and not having a life, I’m obviously going, and I thought if anyone wants me give him something on behalf of you, or want to write him a birthday letter or to welcome him to ledapple - I’d be more than happy to make sure he gets it.

He is an absolute sweetheart, really talented and also a little shy and nervous and it would be great if he got lots of encouraging messages, so please just leave me a message! :) 

150101 About LEDApple´s band activities from 2015

source: LEDApple´s Japanese official site

About the new LEDApple´s band activities, Youngjun, Hyoseok, and, after the band and officers discussed it a lot, Kyumin will take part in band activities as well. We are deeply sorry over worrying you. Since Kyumin will also do his best from now on, please continue to show your support. Since they will preform regular lives every weekend from march onward, please look forward to it.

Please take care of ledapple in the future.