I don’t know who’s cuter, Zico or the dog  😭😍

block b as youtubers
  • jiho: used to upload a lot but now ...not anymore, every video is just an explanation why he doesn't upload anymore
  • kyung: story time videos and clickbait titles. acts cute, is probably evil. has a giveaway like once a week. you dont know why but you love him
  • ukwon: daily vlogs with his dogs and gf, good content. has no drama going on and is basically perfect
  • taeil: prank videos, like the evil kind. sometimes uploads covers and everyone remembers why they subscribed to this kid that uploads videos like "PEEING ON MY ROOMMATES PANTS! LOL !"
  • minhyuk: fitness and dance videos, no make up tutorials even though everyone keeps asking of them. his eyebrow routine is his secret. fuck u
  • jihoon: DIYs with really cute music and effects and him doing adorable voice overs. puts sparkly stickers on everything
  • Jaehyo: lets plays. uploads 3 times a day, takes viewers advice, makes a "thank you!!" video for like every hundred subscribers, replies to all the comments