lonely-sylveon  asked:

How do you make those costumes so well? Also how do you do that so fast? If you want I'll pay in anything as long it doesn't evolve killing me (chuckles nervously)

Kyu: “Well, it just depends on the material you use, how much you use, and the form you have it on. As for completion, I dunno. I take my time, but sometimes I have Jerry or Lura help me.”

Jerry: “Ya don’t have to worry about Kyu hurtin’ ya! Just give him some patterned or rainbow beans grown in Alola and he’ll fix you up a nice costume, mate!”

Things I have actually said playing Huniepop
  • Me: Hey porn star I am not your daddy.
  • Me: Oh yay an alien can't wait to fuck these dates up.
  • Me: Listen here you pink fairy I don't care if you're helping me get these dates stop breaking the fourth wall.
  • Me: Ooooh chola about to cut a bitch.
  • Me: Momo your occupation is not fucking kitty. Life doesn't work that way.
  • Me: Tiffany why can't you be easy like your mother!
  • Me: Aiko have you graded those papers yet.
  • Me: Beli I swear to god make this date work I've already given you a pinecone.
  • Me: Lola stop fucking leaving town. I get that you're a stewardess but stay the fuck in town I'm trying to get the pussy.
  • Me: Nikki stop wearing your damn pajamas to dates.
  • Me: *sees Venus* Oh hey Palutena.

im-crow  asked:

A package is delivered to you. The package is filled with different colors of special beans and a note. On the note, it says, "I am quite impressed in your costume making skills and wanted to see if you could make one for a humble cat like me, or at least try being that you haven't done anything like this yet. If you could, could you make a Furfrou costume that could fit me, since I have become a fond of how elegant they are, and how they can have different trims, specifically the Dandy one."