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anonymous asked:

Can you pls reccomend some good krisyeol fics?

I sure can~! Unfortunately tho.. so many of my favorite krisyeol fics have been deleted. But there are some left that are still worth reading^^ so here we go!

Ea$y Money (Friends-to-lovers, romance, smutttt, lil angst. Two roommates resort to doing gay p0rn in order to pay their rent)

Make It Whole (+ Prequel + Sequel) (Family!au, mpreg, smuttt, romance, age-gap. So, chanyeol is not really into the whole domestic life, unless it is with kris)

A Bad Moon Rising (Wolf!au, romance, smuttt. Kris is an alpha wolf and imprints on chanyeol, who’s a human, and kris’ pack doesn’t approve)

You Of Yesterday And Me Of Tomorrow (Romance, fluff. Summary: All Chanyeol wanted to do was buy eggs. He wasn’t meant to be caught in his ex-boyfriend’s old work t-shirt by the ex-boyfriend himself.)

Old Habits Die Hard (Romance, fluff. Kinda similar to the fic above. It’s about ex-boyfriends toeing the line of the ex part)

New Season Come To Me (Abo!au, smuttt, mpreg, romance. Kris and chanyeol are mates, but chanyeol is self concious about their relationship, and worried that kris doesn’t really love him) 

The Truth Will Set You Free (Arranged marriage!au, smuttt, romance. They’re in an arranged marriage, and kris happens to be the guy that chanyeol once had a crush on)

Hooked (Fluff, romance, crack. Kris is crushing on his neighbor)

Laugh A Little, It Suits You (Amusement park!au, summer!au, romance, fluff. In which Chanyeol works at an amusement park, Kris is always smiling, and Baekhyun is an annoying little shit) 

You And Me Makes Three (Mpreg, romance, fluff. Just.. them having a baby) 

Sugar And Spice (Crack, mpreg. They switch once, and kris ends up preggo it’s hilarious i’m dying)

I hope you like these fics anon ^o^


Chanyeol is a coffee shop musician. There’s just one thing very special about him. He’s mute. Kris is a published writer. There’s also something special about him. He’s deaf.

Chanyeol has never found a reason so dire to speak again. But he needs to tell Kris three words. Kris has never found a reason so dire to hear again. But he thinks he needs to hear Chanyeol mutter three words.

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