Taemin’s faces are great for every situation.

When you don’t want your picture taken, but they take it anyway.

When you didn’t think someone could be so stupid that it amazes you when they are.

When your friends are fake and want to finally go out when you feel like shit.

When someone is trying to explain something that makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

When you full as fuck but ya mom makes bomb ass dessert.

When you see someone being nasty as hell.

Kim Hyun Joong sympathizers.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kim Hyun Joong // 김현중
                              [ 06/06/2015 ]

I ♥ his hilarious 4D personality.
Not to mention he’s unique/talented, erratic, awkward, adorable…
—He’s nearly everything. It’s ridiculous.
I hope he returns safely after the 2 years
& continues to make all his fans smile again.  

Take care of yourself and keep fighting, KHJ! WE MISS YOU!

KHJ Situation

This KHJ situation.

For those of you who seem to still defend his inexcusable actions.

Telling people to kill themselves because they disagree with you isn’t okay.

The fact that you tell other human beings to go and die simply because they’re calling you out doesn’t mean they should die.

Grow up and stop bullying innocent people on the Internet.

Go outside, breathe.

You ARE part of the problem.

You refuse to see that he ABUSED a woman, and that you using certain words such as “retard” IS OFFENSIVE AND PROBLEMATIC.

I’m literally so sick of his fans mocking people’s disabilities and safe spaces.

I literally have evidence of some of his fans harassing me, publicly posting private messages without the other parties consent, violating tumblrs code of conduct etc.

I have tried to be understanding and diplomatic and was unfairly mistreated. No more. I will be mature and find a way to make sure they are properly punished by tumblr for violating rules. I might even look into the legality of this, because telling people to die (even through the Internet) is punishable by law. I happen to be pre-law, so I will find out more on this matter. Feel free to privately message me if you wish to show solidarity that as a community of humans we will not tolerate such intolerance and disrespect. PLEASE REBLOG.

How Much Do You Truly Believe?

I ask this as a sincere question to all K-pop fans.

How much do you TRULY believe in your groups? Your biases? 

Because in a moment, you could be where I am. Where the Triple S and Henecia community is. You could have the person/people you support ripped from your hands and dangled above you like a toy being taken away by a bully or mean older sibling. You could be taunted and teased for supporting your group or bias no matter what, or more likely you could be threatened.

You could feel that pain in your stomach every time you see a new article on clickbait sites like AKP, Soompi, and Koreaboo about that person/people that paint them in a negative light no matter what. You could feel like a joke or like you should be ashamed each time you read the comments and every single one attacks them and calls people like you “delulu”, “crazy”, “trash”, etc just for supporting them. 

You could feel so small and insignificant whenever you see pictures of the person/group after the negative press hit them. You could see the life leaving their eyes, the damage done to their health, and the hopelessness they feel and feel so worthless because you want to help them but you literally can’t do anything, especially if you’re an international fan. 

I see so many people talking about how they’ll always be a V.I.P, Exotic, E.L.F, Shawol, Army, KissMe, etc. However, I am positive that most of you are all talk. That as soon as your bias or group is under fire for a scandal like mine is, you’ll turn tail so fast you’ll fall on your face. You’ll probably disown them the second things get heated.

Put yourself in my place. I am a Triple S. A Henecian. A precious Green Pea. SS501 is my favorite group and Kim Hyunjoong is the one that I am drawn to most. I’ve been his fan for many years and have followed him as a member of (active) SS501 and as a solo artist, and I’ve never once, not for a single second, regretted being his fan. As most of you know, there have been multiple stories about him and how he’s done all of these horrible things and got his ex pregnant and blah blah.

However, most of us who do follow him don’t believe these things (including the baby thing even with the 99.9999% whatever thing). Because no matter what he says, no matter what he does, he is going to be considered the bad guy even though his ex has given no evidence of any sort for any of her claims. So because we aren’t believing a no-name woman who has hidden her identity this entire time instead of the man who has no choice but to show his face and take abuse from the media and anti-fans, WE’RE the bad guys too. 

So tell me. Put your bias in the place of Hyunjoong. Jongin, TOP, Taemin, Leeteuk, I don’t care who it is. THINK. HARD. If this was the person that inspired you, that gave you a reason to wake up with a smile, the one who kept you breathing, would you still support them?

Every person has a reason for supporting the groups they support, and NO ONE has the right to take that away. If you look at this situation though and think “I know my bias well enough, so of course I would support them”, then step back and look at how you’ve treated people like me, who have done absolutely nothing wrong to anyone besides defend ourselves and the person we support.

If you think about it and decide that you would walk away from that person, then people like me are 10 times the person you will ever be. Because we have faith in someone that can’t be broken by the media or anti-fans. 

Because we are unbreakable.