To Get Girls, Be Roxas

1) Treat girls like people, not objects. And fucking demand that others to do the same.

2) Remember to ask a girl what’s wrong.

3) Have ice cream with them.

4) Be willing to support them.

5) If your other friends are assholes to the girl, turn your back on them.

Be Roxas. Just act like Roxas.

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In Kingdom Hearts 3. We already clarified that the chesspieces are the characters. So what if … something bad happens to Sora. Like really bad.There is this fucking dramatical music and then suddenly its cut. Everything goes black. The next thing you see is YMX and YME playing Chess. 
YMX smirks. He moves his chesspieces and knocks off the one with the crown. Its falling down in a really slow way and the only thing you can hear is Master Xehanorts voice saying: