Comigo é sempre assim, as pessoas aparecem, me em cantam, se tornam especias, e sem explicação elas mudam, somem e nem se dão ao trabalho de me dar tchau.
—  Acho que de haver algo de muito errado comigo, só pode.

Two people can fall in love with each other but can never be together. No matter how hard they try, something is always in the way of their love. Something always comes between them — distance, time, work, religion, other people… anything. Absolutely anything at all. Sometimes, it can even be the two of them. Because some love stories just end even before their final chapter.

But just because it ended, doesn’t mean that their love wasn’t real. Yes, people change.. feelings change. But it doesn’t mean that the love once shared wasn’t true or real. It simply means that sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

I know we can’t be together but that won’t stop me from loving you as if we were. I don’t love you because I wanna be in a relationship with you. I wanna be in a relationship with you because I love you. But if I can’t have that, then so be it. Because I love you with or without label. It’s not important that the world has to know about how I feel about you (of course, I’d gladly do so if given the chance), but if the circumstances won’t permit it, then I’ll happily settle with loving you in discreet. I don’t need to let other people know how much I love you. What’s important is that YOU know that I do.. that you know how much you mean to me.

The cliche’ definition of “destiny” can be so overrated, so I’m writing my own. Remember when I keep on telling you before that meeting you was “destiny”? Yeah, that was corny. I know. But think about it, what if I didn’t see you that day? What if I was somewhere else that time? What if I was doing something else at that moment? See? It was destined to happen - that I find you and fall in love at first sight. And with that, I have come to realize that “destiny” in the past is called CHOICES. I made those choices of staying where I was, doing what I was doing that had lead me to finding you. And destiny in the present is called CHANCES. I’m taking the risks and taking the fall. Because I’m taking all these chances to be with you. Destiny in the future tense can remain as it is, DESTINY or FATE or however you prefer it to be. No one can tell what happens next, but you can decide the means of how it will eventually turn out, by learning from the past and using it in the present; choose what you’re willing to take risks for. That’s why I already know my destiny because in my heart I know I’m always choosing you.