sarangkaeyon asked:

Hello girls~ I hope you've been okay these past days :-) I was wondering what type of beach goer would Got7 Hyung Line be, as in: what type of activities would they do once at the beach - with their friends/girlfriend? ^_^ Thank you~ - Sarang

Hiiiiii we’re good thank youu ~~ wbu?

PS: i’m waiting for the teacher scenario :3 GoodLuck unnie ♥

Mark: SURFING SURFING SURFING with his sexy shirtless hot body, omg i’m already imagining it goodbye my life

Jaebum:  Beach Volleyball probably :3 or surfing :) since he’s athletic , he would want a sport that help him build his body

Jackson: he wont stay still that’s for sure xD , he would try different activities  Beach Volleyball,  KITEBOARDING COURSE , SURFINg , in short any watersports 

Jinyoung: that lazy ass would probably spend the whole day sunbathing xD he would use the type either sleeping or reading a book :3 and i doubt he would even go to water at all xD ohmygod we both match up on this



Here we have Yugyeom trying to explain something, Jr. Being completely done with Jackson and Jackson being a little shit c: