JR-The First

Kinda short, but hey it’s something! Enjoy!! Requested by Eliiane from AFF

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It was a date like any other with JR. Laughs, smiles, and his fingers intertwined with yours as the two of you walked along the sunny day. It wasn’t long until the two of you stopped at the cafe that was your popular hangout and the place where the two of you actually met and got to know each other at.

Settling at your usual corner table, the two of you ordered the flavor of the day, deciding trying something new was in order. He smiled at the sight of you retaking his hand in yours and squeezed your hand gently. The way the two of you had gotten together was so simple and easy, it was strange. You thought falling in love was supposed to be harder than this.

“I thought so too,” JR chuckled as you realized you must’ve thought aloud. “Everything I heard about love was complicated and dramatic, but not you. Not us. And I’m glad we’re this way. I wouldn’t want it any other way.” His handsome smile flashed and made your heart melt as it always did.

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