It’s not the fact that he’s not the husband. That, I’ve come to finally accept. What hurts the most is the realization that a character whom I connect with and have come to care about so much, who I expected to have a satisfying resolution that his heartbreaking story deserved, was merely just a plot device all along in a love triangle that never was one in the first place and should not have been heavily advertised as such.

Chilbongie and the "Baseball" (Part III)

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Part III: The Second Confrontation with Oppa

Present 2013 and everyone’s reprimanding Samcheonpo’s insensitivity for asking about the ball while Joon gets up and out of the awkward situation to look for his phone (where did you put your phone, Rude Ass Rich Neighbor Kim? Leaving yo stuff around someone else’s apartment when they justmoved in. Tsk tsk.) While Oppa beats SCP with a pillow, Joon walks up to pick up his ball (hehehehehehe this’ll never get old.) and looks at it thoughtfully. Just what are you thinking about, Joon-ah? 

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