Friday, March 17th

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

Got myself all done up today.  Made sure to look my best just in case I have a run in with Bats.  I’m sure that I will.  Got lots of trouble planned.  Heheh.  Mayhem and destruction!  Good feelings all around.  Cheers!

So in the Gallifrey audio Annihilation, the Borusa of an alternate Gallifrey is played by Katy Manning. But since pretty much every single other character that appears in alternate Gallifreys is played by their original actor, AND Engines of War confirmed that Borusa was a woman at least once, it’s totally fair to assume that the Borusa of the Doctor’s universe had a Katy Manning body.

So imagine Jo Grant getting annoyed and snapping at the Doctor and/or the Master, and them jumping out of their skin because for half a second she was the spitting image of their old ultra-strict academy tutor.



(mem. read photo captions for effect.)

Friday, March 17th (late, late evening)

Dear Mr. Joker (& those that apply),

On the train and heading back to the hideout.  Took selfies because I was bored and needed to get my mind off of Batman for a while.  Even though he’s an absolute jerk sometimes, I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s gig.  My girl buddy just texted me and told me that she made ice cream floats for the two of us to share!  Woohoo!  I told her about what happened today and she said that she knows I’ll do great tomorrow.  She sure knows how to keep me from feeling blue.  x^) 

Within Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls category, Lumberjanes is something I highly recommend read for all you mystery lovers out there. It’s a certainly brings a callback to those books such as the Nancy Drew novels and the Bailey School Kids series, while also providing new ways of tackling issues like identity, sexuality, inferiority in a way teens and children can understand.