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can you do a got7 reaction when their girlfriend is the maknae of a ggroup? (I love your reactions aaaa szsz)

asfhsauki thank you and sorry that it took such a long time to post this!! :(

Jinyoung, Jackson and Jaebum would think that you’re soooo adorable all the time and would highkey tease you a lot about it as well as joining your member’s teasing lol

Mark and Youngjae would all think that you  were cute as well and occasionally tease you a little bit but not nearly as much as the others. They would be a bit more indifferent about it

Bambam and Yugyeom would both definitely feel your pain of being teased and would highkey prank both of your members a lot with you lmao 

Both Jackson and Bambam would also highkey constantly promote your songs and dance to them every chance that they got lol

  • <p> <b>Yugyeom, sitting next to Jinyoung:</b> Did you know taco cat spelled backwards is still taco cat?<p/><b>Jinyoung:</b> [turns away from Yugyeom]<p/><b>Bambam, on Jinyoung's other side:</b> Did you know that 'dog food lid' spelled backwards is 'dildo of god'?<p/><b>Jinyoung:</b> [gets up and leaves]<p/></p>