[140501 Luv Letter From J-Hyo]


오랜만 이네요 

잘들 지내고 있는지 ㅠㅠㅠ

우리 엘씨들은 요즘 레슨열풍이여요 얼렁 컴백

하기위한 폭풍 춤 레슨!!

건우햄을 떠나보내고….세월호 희생자들 때문에 

요즘 맘이 많이 안좋더라구요 

그리고 트위터나 인스타 sns만 해서 미안해요

I’m so sorry 요즘 우리 활동도없고 멤버들 소식도 

잘몰라서 답답하고 그럴꺼 같아요 근데 러빗 들이

느끼면 우리도 똑같이 느끼는거니깐 너무 

답답해 하진 말아줘요 우리도 러빗들 빨리볼수있게 노력하고 있응께!!!당장 컴백이 아니더라두 

꾹꾹참고 묵묵히 매일 메세지 보내주는팬들.

걱정해주는 팬들 너무 고맙다이♡

얼렁보고싶다 야들아!!!!!


It’s been a while 

Everyone’s doing well, right? ㅠㅠㅠ

LC9 is now going crazy attending lessons 

For our imminent comeback, a storm of dance lessons!!

We sent off Gunwoo (Rasa)….and because of the victims of Sewol 

I feel really uneasy these days

Also, I’m sorry for just being on Twitter and Instagram and SNS in general

I’m so sorry these days we don’t even have promotional activities and I’m so sorry 

there hasn’t been news from us members and I feel like it’s frustrating for you 

but whatever Lovebeats are feeling, we will feel too

so don’t get too frustrated and we will try our hardest to be able to see our Lovebeats soon!!! 

Even though our comeback isn’t anytime soon, fans who bottle up (their frustration) and patiently send us messages every day 

and the fans who worry about us, thank you so much ♡

I want to see you guys soon!!!!!

Translated by Darkick @ LC9 Int'l