1. During The Boys, Tiffany almost did Jessica’s part.
  2. Jessica was happy. She smiled at Tiffany and Yoona.
  3. When the camera filmed Taeyeon, she gave a weird smile.
  4. The members introduced themselves with their debut nicknames.
  5. After Sooyoung introduced herself, did a ballerina spin and hair flip, Taeyeon said, “Cheerful princess jjang!”.
  6. They made Jessica and Yoona introduce themselves again because they previously introduced themselves in the ‘normal’ way. They were shy doing it.
  7. Jessica brought water to Yuri.
  8. During Galaxy Supernova, Taeyeon and Tiffany were laughing at the back.
  9. During Galaxy Supernova, Hyoyeon and Yuri bumped into each other.
  10. Jessica took her coat off.
  11. Tiffany and Yuri held hands before they did their part in Love & Girls.
  12. Sunny did her part in Love & Girls sexily so she got embarrassed and laughed.
  13. Yuri and Yoona stared at Jessica and Tiffany, who were walking down the stage holding hands.
  14. Taeyeon high-fived those at the back row.
  15. Sunny wanted to kiss Tiffany.
  16. Jessica poked Yoona’s cheek.
  17. When Tiffany’s performance of A Whole New World with Onew ended, she asked the audience to clap for him.
  18. Seohyun put her finger to her lips to ask the audience to enjoy her performance.
  19. During Ma Boy, Tiffany and Yuri pulled two boys onto the stage and gave them fanservice with waves and touches.
  20. Sunny walked up to Sooyoung and danced, but got made fun of her height.
  21. For Miss Korea, Jessica wore a crown and sash.
  22. Taeyeon imitated the way Jessica took off her outerwear.
  23. Tiffany asked Taeyeon to sing IU, so she sung Red Shoes.
  24. Sunny fixed Yuri’s skirt for her.
  25. Tiffany said that SONEs are her Christmas gift.
  26. When Yuri forgot her part in Honey, Tiffany tapped her shoulder and laughed at her.
  27. Taeyeon revealed that they will continue Girls’ Generation’s World Tour in different countries in Asia in May.
  28. During Santa Baby, when Seohyun sung “Tiffany’s”, Tiffany did the twinkle sign with her hands.
  29. Taeyeon hit Jessica’s but three times.
  30. The members packed Jessica into a sack and said that she can be a gift, but that they must get permission from her parents.
  31. Tiffany introduced JeTi as the best pitchers of 2013.
  32. Jessica tried to throw a gift but it ended up on the floor.
  33. Seohyun said she was hyper and clapped backstage when SONEs sung for encore.
  34. Taeyeon called Jessica 'maomao’.
  35. Jessica called Taeyeon a byuntae.
  36. When Jessica said “first…”, Tiffany said that her first love was f(x)’s Krystal so Yuri danced Rum Pum Pum Pum.
  37. Tiffany took the fanevent banners from the fans and passed them to the members.

The Legend of the Ice Princess - Haesica AU

A woman stood before him; her soft, brown hair was pulled up into a messy bun, several strands dancing with the wind. 

Jessica Jung, the Ice Princess. He had heard stories about her as a child, but never had he believed that the tales were true. The legend states that Jessica returns every winter, looking for her lost lover. She lures young men to the lake and with a single kiss, turns them into an ice statue. Once winter is over, however, the statue melts away, leaving Jessica alone once more. Therefore every year, she is doomed to repeat the same cycle.

Jessica caressed Donghae’s face, a sad smile painted on her face; a tear escaping her longing eyes.

“My love,” she whispered as she brought her lips towards his. Donghae futilely attempted to escape her grasp.

Her frozen lips pressed against his thin ones. Frigid air surged into his mouth and entered his blood stream. He began to shake as the warmth he once felt escaped his body. Frost began to form around his lips, and it quickly spread down his body. A last whimper escaped his frozen lips; his heart struggling to beat as it began to crystallize.