Tbh, I wanted there to be a trial. I wanted to see every single one Amber’s shitty little lies to be exposed. I wanted her to be proven wrong. I wanted to see her get her lying ass kicked in court. I wanted to wake up one morning and read the headline “Johnny Depp found innocent” instead of “Johnny Depp pays 7 million in settlement.” I’m glad it’s all over, of course, but after this whole bullshit circus, I wanted the world to know how much of a greedy liar Amber is.

There are still going to be people who believe she is innocent. There are still going to be people boycotting Depp movies. Depp fans are still going to receive death threats for supporting a victim who was so sloppily and wrathfully painted as an abuser. Every single time I mention my favorite actor (who happened to have, y'know, saved my life) to friends and family members, they are STILL going to mention this case.

Fuck this.