James Corden was just on The Talk and the hosts brought up having Louis on the Late Late Show next week!  They asked James how they met and explained the story of Johannah reaching out to him years after first meeting up so he could keep an eye on Louis since he just moved to London and didn’t know anyone. Then James mentioned how close he was with Louis and Harry and the rest of the boys and how proud he is of how far Louis has come and it’s exciting to see him on the show next week as a solo artist!  They didn’t mention the song or anything but I just thought it was a nice mention of Louis to bring attention to him. 🤗

ok but can u imagine if cassian had been the one to go and rescue jyn on wobani in the truck and she’d kicked him or hit him with a shovel trying to escape

like. years later when their kids ask about how they first met it would go like this:

child: how did you and mom meet?

cassian: well, your mother punched me in the face.


cassian: i was trying to rescue her and she punched me in the face.


Freeze Your Brain - Animatic

Literally half the comments on this video are about :0

Siapa yang lebih kejam.?
Kamu yang menyapa lalu menghilang.? Ataukah aku yang bertahan agar sebuah sapaan darimu tak meruntuhkan iman.?
Baiklah, pada akhirnya kita akan saling menyalahkan.
Mencaci maki bergantian.
Mungkin kita hanya saling merindukan.
Tanpa tau bagaimana caranya mengungkapkan.
Seandainya bisa dipermudah.
Bisakah kita hanya berpelukan.?