James Corden was just on The Talk and the hosts brought up having Louis on the Late Late Show next week!  They asked James how they met and explained the story of Johannah reaching out to him years after first meeting up so he could keep an eye on Louis since he just moved to London and didn’t know anyone. Then James mentioned how close he was with Louis and Harry and the rest of the boys and how proud he is of how far Louis has come and it’s exciting to see him on the show next week as a solo artist!  They didn’t mention the song or anything but I just thought it was a nice mention of Louis to bring attention to him. 🤗

the fact that they give us these breadcrumbs to try to ~tell a story~ like now that James has followed Eleanor, we’re probably supposed to believe that Louis gushed about his reawakened love with Eleanor to James the other night when he was at the Late Late Show set and James, of course, felt compelled to follow Eleanor days later, the same day Eleanor finally followed Louis back

it’s so ????? fucking ????? fake ????? and i know we say that over and over but like HOLY SHITTTTT it is so fucking fake