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i would be interested to hear your thoughts on whether the end of s4 would change based on being picked up by the cw for s5 (or not). i've come to agree with the people who think the 100 may end with either bellamy or clarke dying, or both. do you think that, if s4 is the last season, bellarke may die, and if there is s5, they may survive? i just think theres no show without them, so they wouldn't die before the very end, if they die at all

The final season (season 5, I’m assuming right now) will likely have Bellamy and/or Clarke dying OR depending on this season and the theme of season 5, it’s possible that Bellarke honestly has a bittersweet-happy ending. I’ll be able to figure out Jason’s endgame (I think) once season 5 is halfway into its story. Jason definitely follows patterns and each episode/season allows me to get a better idea of his patterns (not that that means I’ll read them correctly b/c I’m not a god. I like it when he and his team surprise me). 

IF Bellamy and Clarke become romantic, they will either live together, die together, OR Clarke dies and Bellamy survives. Why do I think this? Because Jason and his team will NOT let Clarke suffer another lover dying while she continues on without them. I believe that wholeheartedly. 

Yeah, Bellarke will 100% survive this season, no worries. Though I’m sure either both of their fates or one of their fates will be up in the air after the season 4 finale. That’ll be some nice angst. Jason is writing S4 like its not the end, so yeah, Bellarke won’t die this season. 

If they don’t get picked up for season 5, then we might be left with one of them seeming to be dead. That would suck… but Jason seemed confident that he’s getting a season 5. I think the network and he are talking and I think they’re going to support the story enough to finish it out (unless Jason is lying, but I honestly don’t think he is). 

That’s what I think for now. 

You & I

So here we go again, me putting up another of my analyses of the songs in bare, moving on in show order to You & I.  I’m intending this to follow on directly from the one for Epiphany so that, if you had a long enough time, and wanted to, you could just read one after the other (ignoring this first paragraph) and it would flow like one big analysis of the show (or it least it would when I’ve got all the songs up).  As before, first paragraph is plaintext then after that it’s a read more.

Moving through from Epiphany to You & I we go straight from Peter’s nightmare into the next song with basically no time to breath.  With the Priest’s words of “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord” still in our minds, which contrasted heavily with what Peter was experiencing in his nightmare, we go forward.  Those words would have still been in Peter’s mind too, and he would likely have been stuck on that idea, of peace coming from the Church and his religion yet he feels nothing but discomfort and othering from them.

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so on the subject of “jason reacts to solangelo”

as much as i like the idea of “overprotective big bro jason” i dont think “embarrassing supportive big bro jason” gets enough attention tbh like instead of jason freaking out and immediately giving will the most intimidating shovel talk ever, hed just be so genuinely happy for nico like OMG YOU FOUND A BOY YOU FOUND A BOY YESSSSSSSS IM SO PROUD :’) like ofc hed casually throw a “yo if you hurt him theyll never find your body jsyk” in wills general direction but hed probably follow up with something corny like “please please please take care of him and make him happy hes had so little of that :(” like i just

embarrassing supportive big bro jason

please. let me have this