yoursilenceisgilded / inauspiciousincidents || Selene & Charles

She’d been minding her own business when her shoulder had knocked
the other’s but, when she realized he wasn’t quite human, she’d stopped
and turned to face him as he continued to walk from her. Little arms
wrapped around her body to hold her coat shut around her frame, but as
she gathered the courage to call him back, she let her arms fall. The
leather of the jacket whipped at her legs as the wind shot through the
street… It was unlike her to show concern for any others, but this man
intrigued her.

“– Excuse me,” She called softly, tilting her head a little to the side,
                           "Are you alright?“

       Sage found herself at one of the few bars in town that’s open on Christmas so that she can continue on her quest of making as many people happy today as she can (even though that is pretty much her everyday thing). She’s sat at the bar, looking around and waiting for someone to come up and sit down. She catches Angel pretty quickly though, because she can feel the sadness in her.

   "Can I buy you a drink? I’m not– uhm, I’m not trying to put the moves on you or anything, I just– would like to buy you one.“

inauspiciousincidents has spotted Emily

Emily was sitting in a grassy area, running her fingers through the blades sighing softly to herself. She had left Halloween Town a few hours ago for just simple quiet and plus, the grass here wasn’t dead. She always loved nature even when she was living, it was always just calming. It was starting to grow dark but she had no intentions of leaving yet, she’d rather spend as much time as she could away from all the rules and horrors. She heard the crunching of leaves behind her and simply looked over her shoulder at the stranger, they probably couldn’t even see her there.