best friend’s brother - tom holland au ♦︎

Pairings: best friend’s brother! tom holland x reader

Warning(s)?: steamy forbidden make-out sesh ooh la la

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: Tom’s your best friend’s older brother that you couldn’t help but to catch feelings for. Now you two are dating behind her back, but your secret can only stay hidden for so long..

A/N: hi ok i’ve never seen this idea with tom before so i thought it’d be cute? this idea popped into my head bc i deadass have a crush on my best friend’s brother whoops … but i can only pray what happens in this imagine happens to me lmao. but listen to best friend’s brother by victoria justice A BOP for added effect while reading okay bye enjoy!! also gif credits to kelly aka tomshollandss 


You walk into your best friend, Alisia’s room, slinging your book bag off your shoulders and onto the floor carelessly. “Thank God it’s Friday,” you exclaim, plopping into your friend’s furry bean bag chair beside her bed, feigning exhaustion.

Alisia giggles before rubbing her stomach. “I’m hungry. Let’s get some food.” You follow Alisia down the hall and into her kitchen where her mom, Nikki, was unloading groceries into the fridge.

“Hey, mom,” Alisia greets before grabbing two granola bars out of the pantry, one for you and one for her.

“Hey, love. It’s so nice to see you around here again, Y/N.” Nikki commented, even though you’d been over here more times this week then you’d like to admit. She didn’t know about those times though, because it was a secret.

As you take a bite out of the granola bar, you couldn’t help but ask the question swirling around in your mind. It was awfully too quiet for a place where Tom Holland resided. “Hey, where’s Tom?” You tried to sound genuinely curious rather than concerned, even though you were. You had a right to be though, he was your boyfriend.

The only problem was that Tom was your best friend’s brother. You were aware of how cliche it sounded, but it was hard to not fall for a guy like Tom. While you and Alisia were juniors, Tom was a senior, and a complete heart throb to say the least. He was popular, well liked, and charming. Every guy was friends with him, and every girl couldn’t help but turn their heads whenever he would pull up to school with the top down on his Audi TT and his best friend Harrison Osterfield in the passenger seat with him. He could’ve had any girl he chose, but he only wanted you.

When you and Alisia got close the summer before sophomore year, you couldn’t help but silently swoon every time you and Alisia would walk into the kitchen and Tom and Harrison happened to be watching TV in the living room. Or when Nikki would force Tom to take you and Alisia home from school. Soon enough, you, Alisia, Tom, and Harrison became close, almost like a band, and would hang out normally without having to be told.

And that’s where the feelings came in. You and Tom instantly clicked, both of you possessing the same sense of humor and sharing a lot of the same interests. The subtle flirting and the stolen glances weren’t enough for Tom; he wanted something more with you. So when he asked you out, it was quickly after Alisia had momentarily left the room. Immediately after you hurriedly kissed him, he said, “She cannot find out, okay?”

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boxing n tom

okay but that boxing video? i’m deceased and very inspired so enjoy these 725 words of fluff. :-)

Your arms were crossed, one arm pulled out and holding a bottle of water that you had pressed against your chin. Your back was up against the wall of the gym, your eyes trailing Tom’s figure as it moved around the boxing ring. His shorts hung low on his hips; his hair bouncing slightly on his forehead with every move his body made.

You could see the muscles in his arms flex every time he would throw a punch, causing you to subconsciously bite your lower lip. A little buzzer went off and Tom threw one last punch at the pads the trainer had on his hands. His arms fell down to his sides and he shook them out, rolling his shoulders back to loosen his muscles.

You dropped your water bottle and pushed off of the wall. Your legs carried you to the ring, your fingers resting on top of the elevated mat. Tom’s back was too you as he swigged back water from his own bottle.

“Hey there, handsome,” you chirped, a radiant smile on your face. He turned around, a smile erupting on his features when he saw you.

“Darling, you’re here!” you pulled yourself up and into the ring, standing in front of him, you back now against the ropes along the perimeter. He stepped closer to you, pulling you against him by your hips. One of your hands reached up and ran a hand through his curls that were a bit damp from sweat.

You reached up your other hand, twirling his hair around your fingers. Tom let out a low chuckle. “Whatcha doing, love?” You smiled.

“Your hair looks pretty, s’all,” your fingers continued to thread through his hair, before they slid down his face and onto his biceps. You looked up and gave a bright smile, leaning in real close to his ear. You could hear his breath hitch in his throat when your lips brushed against his earlobe.

You paused for a moment before speaking, “I’m actually really tired right now.” Tom groaned, playfully pushing you off of him.

“Dammit, (Nickname), that’s not fair!” he whined, causing you to laugh. You linked your fingers together, pulling him over to you. You reached up, giving him a quick kiss.

“Sorry, sorry, I love you,” you giggled, pressing your lips against his again. Tom smiled a bit, releasing his hands from yours and running his fingertips from your hips up to your sides. He gave your sides a quick squeeze causing you to let out a little squeak and pull back from him. He let out a laugh as you gave his arm a light smack.

“You did not just tickle me,” you warned and he shrugged, a mischievous glint in his eye. Your own eyes slightly widened as you slowly backed away and to the side from him. “Uh, uh I know that look Thomas Stanley.”

“What look?” he asked, tilting his head to the side and feigning innocence. “That look.”

He only shook his head and stretched his hands out to try and tickle you again. You let out another squeal and ducked around him, running around the small boxing ring.

“You really don’t have much space to run or hide, love,” his voice was teasing and you tried to run faster, not that it would do you much good. You felt him catch up to you, his arms wrapping around your waist and lifting you slightly in the air. You let out a mix between a laugh and a squeal as he spun you in a circle.

“Tom, put me down,” you laughed. His fingers tickled your sides and you laughed harder, bending forward against his strong hold on your waist. You could hear his laughter directly in your ears when your back pressed against his chest again. You felt the ground beneath your feet and spun around in his arms, reaching your fingers up to play with his curls again.

“You look really pretty right now babydoll,” he said, reaching a hand up to push a piece of hair that had fallen from your ponytail, behind your ear. Your cheeks flushed and you leaned up to press your lips to his again.

“Love you, pretty boy,” you mumbled against his mouth. You could feel his smile as he mumbled back, “Love you too, pretty girl.”

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I love how he plays with his hair and they’re both so cute (creds: @cuppateatom on IG)

coming home ✧

Pairings: tom holland x reader

Warning(s)?: SMUTTY SMUT SMUT, 18+

Word Count: 1.7k

Summary: Tom finally comes home after being away for so long, and you and him finally reconnect in an intimate manner that only you and him share.

A/N: this is my first tom smut EVER so go easy on a girl ok ??? also no one is forcing u to read this so if ur uncomfortable read NO further!! listen to groupie love by lana del rey ft a$ap rocky


Your room door opened slowly as you were resting on your bed, using the remote control to navigate through the channels. As you turned your head, your eyes met the deep brown ones that you’d been longing to see for too long before you practically hopped off your bed and collided your body with Tom’s. Your arms wrapped around his neck and his slid around your waist as you took in the scent of his strong cologne, breathing into his shoulder heavily.

“Hey baby,” he said with a chuckle as your heart melted at his words. You hadn’t heard them in person in a while, so you couldn’t help the thumping of your heart as they left his lips.

You pulled away from the hug just to look into his eyes, “Don’t ever leave me for that long ever again, okay?”

Before you could even take in his features again, his lips were on top of yours. His movements were soft and sweet, your lips moving effortlessly against his as the kiss intensified. Fireworks erupted in the pit of your stomach; this feeling was unlike anything you’d ever experienced with Tom before. He’d been gone, but never for this long. You had this almost aching pain for him in your bones, and now that he was in your arms, you wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and make up for lost time.

He slightly lifted you off of the ground, stumbling off his shoes as your legs automatically wrapped around his waist and he carried you back to your bed. His lips never left yours until you reached the bed as he laid you down gently and hovered over you at the head of your bed. It was your turn to initiate the kiss so you closed the small gap between Tom and you when you lifted your lips to his, your hands resting on the sides of his neck as you pulled him closer to you.

His lips were tender and light; almost too delicate compared to the adrenaline that was running through your veins now that Tom was with you. You became almost frustrated with the lack of energy coming from him, so you took it upon yourself to slide out from underneath Tom, and as he turned his body around confusingly, your legs found themselves on each side of him, straddling him as he lied beneath you on the bed. You brought your face down to his, locking eyes and stopping right before your lips touched.

“Tom. Kiss the hell out of me. Please.” you say before your lips meet his again, and this time he’s finally catching the drift. His lips move against yours fiercely, almost in a battle as his hands start to make their way up from your hips. He slips his cold hands underneath the fabric of your shirt, gliding along your hips as you get chills, causing you to moan. He takes this as the perfect opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth, sending tingles up your spine.

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While in Barcelona / Tom drabble

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Featuring: Tom Holland and special guest Tessa Holland

Warning: nudity (visual)

Request -  Can you do 68 and 70 with Tom? I feel like it could be really funny and cute.


70 -  “Oh. I guess I should put pants on then.”

The elevator dinged as it arrived to your floor, you headed down the hall swinging your room key thoughtlessly around your fingers as you went. It was early when you woke up so you headed to the hotel’s gym for a morning pick-me-up. Your boyfriend, who had been up till well past 2 AM, was fast asleep when you left. As you unlocked the door to your room, it was quiet as you stepped in. Guessing that your boyfriend was still fast asleep, you headed to the shower as quietly as you could. 

You quickly stripped out of your sweat-soaked clothes and got into the shower, washing your hair and body from the grime of the gym. It took you only roughly 15 minutes to wash away the smell of sweat from your hair and body, and you wrapped a towel around your body and walked out of the bathroom, the warmth of the hotel suite following you everywhere. you assumed Tom, your boyfriend, had left the heat on all night. You knew how cold he got in the morning after drinking, he’d be shivering for hours. 

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