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SMTM4 Producers as SMTM4 fangirls

Verbal Jint~

“I blame MNET”

“But I love the idols”

“OH there is only one”

“He will win anyways”

“Why am i watching this”

“Oh yeah because the producers having amazing faces”

“I waste time waiting for subs”

“Can i write a book about every thing that is wrong with smtm4″

Loco and Jay Park~


“How can you eliminate Jooheon”

“I know who Topp Dogg is now” Jk i love them


San E~

“I knew it he won” OH, can you not see my sarcasm

“Jay Park braids. Zico braids. Mino is blonde” Are the only important things in my life

“Here is an idea to get more views and money: broadcast pointless footage of my baes rapping and acting cute”







“His voice is so amazing”

“Yeah okay we get it, Song Mino is going to win anyways”


“Thank you for showing me Babylon”


“If only this could happen in real life and not just on my tv”


“Stop with the teasers and raw videos all I care to see are the subs”

“Lil Boi vs Basick” Everybody else are just scary cats

Jay Park~

“I came for the idols and Loco, no need for rapping I just need aomg”

“Actually i dont need subs i just want more footage of my favs”