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I cheated a little, the first pics are the ones I first saw of my dogs, from the breeder. The second photos are the firsts I took, and the last ones are of them today, approximately 5 minutes ago

Henry - first at 8 weeks old, last at 11 months. Miller - first at 7 weeks, last at 9 months.

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Music Tag

So I was tagged by both @tatyanawh93 and @snehawra ~ Anyway they called me rude for not doing this so….. as the sweet maknae I am, I will do the tag ^^

1. B1A4 - Only One

2. Mad Town - New World

3. Henry - Trap (Ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin)

4. Got7 - Moonlight

5. Dalmatian ‘DMTN’ - ER

6. Nu’Est - Overcome (Acoustic)

7. ZEA - Beautiful Lady

8. Speed - Don’t Tease Me

9. B1A4 - OK

10. Boys Republic - Hello


Soooo I’m tagging @bambambooty who didn’t do it yet ^–^ & @holy-jisus @caafneusie