I’m so ot4 it’s ridiculous

ϟ 134) When James started at Hogwarts, Harry began declining McGonagall’s usual requests to give lectures on Defense Against the Dark Arts. He tended to cause a bit of a frenzy during his visits to the school and the last thing he wanted was to make things difficult for his children. James caught wind of this, however, and begged his father to change his mind. When Harry entered the first year classroom the following week, over all the excited chatter, he heard James whisper happily to his benchmate, “That’s my dad!” After the lesson, the professor asked Harry if he’d been hit with a Cheering Charm. “Never saw someone smile that much talking about reflective jinxes,” she joked.

Thank you Louis for showing us that it’s OK to laugh at life and not take it so seriously and to be yourself above all

Thank you Harry for showing us how to be a good honest person and that it’s okay to be true to yourself and believe the good in others

Thank you Liam for showing us that it’s okay to speak your mind about what you believe in

Thank you Niall for showing us how to live life to the fullest and never waste a moment and to keep laughing

Thank you Zayn for showing us how to take care of ourselves FIRST and that sometimes it’s okay to focus on yourself

Literally, this year we’ve had:


  • AIMH being the second most retweeted

There was probably more but I don’t remember


  • Louis at HArry’s birthday party 
  • Lairport 2015
  • Zourry clubbing together
  • “Harold, are you up for it”
  • AIMH hitting 1M


  • Louis and Be In A Band
  • Nadine and Harry split up
  • “Which of the boys would you kiss?” 
  • Zayn’s cheating rumours
  • “Sorry for what it looks like”
  • Zayn going home with stress
  • “First day of spring, see you later”
  • Elounor split up
  • Louis ‘kissing’ the girl in the pool
  • Louis literally shaving off his beard
  • Harry posting in colour
  • I will survive
  • Andy shaving his beard on Liam’s insta
  • Bruce
  • Eleanor and Max 
  • Louis being so happy on stage
  • Lottie deleting the pictures of her and Eleanor
  • Lottie and Gemma hanging out
  • Articles about Harry helping Louis over his breakup
  • The tour rider leaked
  • Zayn in the studio with Naughty Boy
  • The boys killing it in South Africa
  • Zerrie house shopping
  • Louis tweeting again
  • Louis posting the selfie with Niall
  • Louis getting his social media back
  • Zayn’s solo album announced

Please feel free to add to my list or correct where any mistakes are but they have had no chill this year and I need to sleep for like ten thousand hours 


"Scary up here isn’t it?" ☺️ "It’s my birthday" 👶🎂

I’m Niall


San Antonio - 9.21.14 [video]

Harry Imagine: A Day Off

A requested imagine!


“Good morning bedhead,” I mumbled as I woke up, automatically stretching my arms and legs over to Harry’s side of the bed, intent on wrapping myself around him. The cold was what had woken me and Harry was always a human heater. But his side of the bed was conspicuously empty.

I sat up quickly, blinking at the bright sunlight that poured from the windows, glancing around the room and peering around the loft. “Harry! Harry!” I shouted, “Where the hell are you? You convinced me to take a day off when I only needed one more day longer of shooting to complete the movie and your ass isn’t even here! You promised me that you’d get the day off.”

I climbed out of bed and grabbed a discarded jumper of Harry’s before I saw the note that was placed on the kitchen table.


I’ll be back before you know it but considering it’s you, you’ll probably still be asleep by the time I get home. I went out to grab breakfast. Forget the movie, you need to rest. Just relax. I love you. Xx.

        To the moon and back,


As much as I needed the day off, Harry’s absence could be a way for me to slip out of the flat and back out to Watford to get to the set. I scrambled to throw on leggings, a beanie to cover my bedhead, and slip on sneakers before I realized what he’d done.

Harry had taken my keys, so there was no way I could drive out to Watford. He’d even thought to take my wallet, so there was no chance of taking the underground or catching a cab or the bus. I stomped my foot in protest and cussed. I threw myself down on the sofa, arms crossed. Harry was about to get an earful from me.

I must have dozed off, because when I woke up it was to Harry’s grinning face peering into mine.

“Bloody hell Harry! Don’t do that!” I said and whacked his arm, “you complete wanker! You took my keys and my wallet! I need to work!” Harry sat down the brown paper bag that smelled deliciously like fresh bagels before he flopped down beside me on the sofa.

“Babe, you need a break,” Harry said, stroking my leg before I smacked his hand away, “Lord, you’re in a bad mood today!”

“Like hell I am!” I glared at him, getting up from the sofa and attempting to stomp away. Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back down beside him.

“Come here,” Harry said, putting his hands on either side of my face, “love, look at me. I know you better than you know you.” I scoffed at him.

“No you don’t! I know I’m exhausted but I’d just feel better if I could get to the set and finish the movie I’ll rest better, okay?”

“No you won’t. Please listen to me,” he pulled me on to his lap so I was straddling him. He wrapped his arms around my waist. “You’re on the edge of a nervous breakdown. You need to rest. You need to stay home, just for one day. We barely have time together, so please, just stay. I need a day with you.”

I crossed my arms in response but he was softening me and he knew it.

“Like I said, I know you better than you know you. If you don’t take a second to think about yourself, you’re going to have a psychotic break!” Harry said, running his fingers up and down my back.

“I’m completely sane!”

“Babe, I can see it in your face. You need to sleep. You need to eat. You need to relax. And if you need, you should cry. I know you hate crying in front of other people but it’s just me. You know you’ll feel better if you cry,” Harry put a hand on the back of my head and started to play with my hair.

“I’m not,” my voice cracked, “I’m not going to cry. I don’t want-, I don’t want to cry! I’m not even sad! I’m just tired!” I said, the tears already starting to fall down my cheeks.

“Oh love, come here,” Harry pulled me to his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into the crook of his neck.

“I’m, I’m sorry I’m crying,” I choked out.

“Don’t apologize. Go on, cry. Go on. I’ll hold you until there’s no more tears to cry. I won’t leave. I won’t leave you. I’ll just hold you and you cry, I don’t care if you get tears and snot on my t-shirt. I love you. This is why you have me. I’m here to help you stand up every time you fall down. I’m here to hold you when you cry; I’m here to hold you when you’re tired. I’m here to make you feel better, to take care of you when you’re sick. I’m here to remind you that its okay to be tired, that it’s okay to cry, that its okay to want to give up.”

I sobbed into the his chest, my arms tight around his neck, while he played with my hair, rocking me back and forth, whispering ‘shhh, it’s okay love, it will all be okay.’

“I love my job but its just so exhausting, there are days I want to just up and quit. Yet, I couldn’t imagine life if I wasn’t an actor,” I whispered, hiccuping slightly.

“Don’t stay that. You love acting and you’re lucky enough to be amazing at what you do. No matter how hard it gets, you’ll always have that to fall back on,” Harry said, still rocking me back and forth. “So today, how about we sit in bed, eat the bagels I got, watch crappy TV shows and then order Chinese takeout for dinner. How does that sound?” Harry asked.

“Okay, okay,” I said, letting Harry carry me back to bed, “but Harry Styles, you complete and total wanker, if you ever take my keys and my wallet again you’re dead.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Harry chuckled, sliding into bed beside me and pulling me against his chest. “I only did it for your benefit. But I must admit, I’m not afraid of you.”

“Well you should be scared of me,” I huffed at him, trying to not laugh.  Harry seeing the slight smile on my face, pulled the jumper off one shoulder so he could kiss my warm should and slowly made his way up my neck. He kissed behind my ear, then my forehead, both of my eyes, the tip of my nose and finally my lips.

“I love you,” Harry whispered against my lips.

“I love you too,” I said, rolling over so I could tuck my head in between his shoulder and his mass of brown curls.

“I vote we save the bagels for later,” he winked at me and pulled at the bottom of my jumper.

“You’re such a boy! We were having a sweet moment and you’ve ruined it!” I smacked his chest.

“That’s one of the reason you love me,” Harry said, tickling my sides until I was giggling uncontrollably. That was enough to make Harry fling the covers over our heads and pull me against him.

So much for a day off.  

Let’s pretend

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I stood by the fireplace with a red cup in my hand. The music was blasting and drunk, sweaty and honry teenagers all over the house. I wasn’t drunk yet, I did have a few drink though. I couldn’t be sober while waiting for Harry to show up. He promised to meet me here but that was over an hour ago. I groan stomping my foot frustrated. After 2 months of faking being a couple I thought Harry and I finally became friends that respected each other.

I had to admit, at first I laughed at harry when he told me his plan. I laughed so hard milk comes out of my nose. That was the first time I heard Harry laugh. It was like heaven to my ears. I had agreed just because I wanted my own revenge with a cheating ex boyfriend. But it all backfired, I fell for the cold ass Harry styles him self. We always fought and I always ended in bed with him. He was so frustrating yet so hypnotizing. I wanted to end things with him when I started to feel something but he wouldn’t let me. He would pull back when I was ready to leave. But tonight was the last straw.  I set my cup on top of the fireplace; I turn my heel walking towards the door. Tonight was a bad Idea; I knew I shouldn’t have come. Yet his stupid green eyes went all watery and soft on me, and his lips turning into a pout. I melted right there. I walk outside feeling the cold breezy hit my bare thighs. I stomp my way to my car until I feel a warm hand wrap around my wrist.

“Whoa Hey,” I hear his thick accent. I roll my eyes turning around.

“Harry” I bit out. He smirks looking down at me.

“Hello love,”

“What do you want.” I say crossing my arms.

“Don’t pout,” he says sliding his thumb under mu lips. I move away making his hand fall.

“I-I’m sorry I didn’t come find you, but I have great news!” he says with a genuine smile on his face. I saw it a couple of times while we were ‘dating’.

“The plan worked. Guess who’s back with Mrs. Perfect” he says in a happy tone. My eyes widen I feel my heart sink. I gulp trying not to show any reaction.

“Mr. Perfect” I say, he laughs nodding his head. He wraps his arms around me spinning me around. He rambled on about how perfect things were now. How everything was falling into place.

“Put me down!” I say a little harsh. The sadness I was feeling was quickly replaced with jealousy.

“Hey” he said scrunching his nose.

“If your mad because I didn’t meet you I-“

“No Harry!” I shout. He seems taken back and honestly I was too.

“I ‘m mad because you are so dumb! And I’m so dumb!” he looks confused.

“Why am I dumb?” he asks a little offended

“Because! You spent 2 months with the person you hate trying to win Mrs. Little perfect that dumped your ass in front of the whole school!  And because you cant even see that I am completely in love with you!” I shout. I cover my mouth with my hands. Harry’s eyes widen and I shook my head as I saw Harry’s lips part.

“Don’t” I say walking away from harry.

“Wait please-“ I turn around walking away from Harry who started to shout my name.