what goes through harry's mind on da daily
  • harry: lol can i get a tattoo of that
  • harry: louis
  • harry: can i fit into size 00 jeans yet
  • harry: lol no but im gonna try
  • harry: i havent washed my hair in awhile maybe i shou-
  • harry: lol nah
  • harry: 2hipstah4u
  • harry: louis
  • harry: im gonna tattoo that
  • harry: my hair cant be "mane"tained
  • harry: im gonna tweet that
  • harry: my jokes are the shit
  • louis: no, your jokes are shit
  • harry: wait no i love you
Bedtime, the best part of the day...

Harry always loved when you came to bed in one of his long T-shirts. He loved how it skimmed your thighs and left only a little to his imagination. He would sit down on the edge of the bed as he watched you get ready. You would walk over to him, stepping between his legs, resting your hands on his shoulders. Harry would look up at you while his hands started their nightly journey. Beginning just behind your knees, his fingers would inch upward. His palms would stroke the soft skin of the back of your thighs. They would rise, sneaking under the shirt, trying to find out just how much you had on tonight. He would smile as his hands continued to only feel your skin as they slid over you bum. You would lower yourself onto his lap, your knees on either side of him. His hands would slide up your back, bringing you closer to his bare chest. He would kiss your neck, biting and sucking, leaving his own special mark on your skin. He knows that you’ll run your fingers over those spots tomorrow remembering exactly what he did to you tonight. Harry would finally tire of the bit of fabric that was keeping the rest of you from him. He would pull it over your head and toss it to the floor. He eyes would travel over your body. Watching him look at you always made you hot. It was like he was devouring with just a look. Harry would turn you over and lay you on the bed. His lips would find yours. His kiss would be rough and full of all of his need for you. His fingers would travel down in between your legs and sink deep inside you, making you gasp and arch against his body. His kisses would start to scatter over your neck and shoulders. Harry would pull back and whisper into your ear, “You are dripping wet for me….tell me what you want, baby…” Your breathing would speed up as his fingers pumped into you at a steady rhythm. You would open your mouth to speak but only moans and whimpers would come out. Harry would chuckle in a husky voice. “Do you want me? Do you want me inside you?” His hand speeding up with his every word. You could only nod. The next thing you would feel is Harry slowly feeling you. You would tighten around him, causing him to moan. “You know it makes me crazy when you do that…” She would smirk and flex around him again. He would raise his brows and slowly pull out before slamming into hard and fast. You would cry out and grip his biceps, digging your nails into his skin. Harry would keep going bringing you closer and closer to the brink. His thumb would start rubbing circles over your center just as you reached your peak. You would throw your head back in ecstasy and your walls would clench around him. Knowing that he’d brought you home, he would let himself go. His rhythm getting slower and slower as he spent himself inside you. Harry would lay beside you, wrapping his arms around you. He would kiss your damp forehead and whisper sweet nothings against your hair before falling into a deep and peaceful sleep.

In the morning when he awoke he would see your crumpled shirt on the floor and smile to himself. He really did love it when you wore his shirts to bed…