a kiss with a fist (is better than none) 

by Ashtarok

Explicit, Underage, A/B/O

Harry and Louis don’t get on at all.

BUT they do, in fact, do an awful lot of getting off~

Harry startled visibly, shaking off his deer in the headlights look and huffing quietly. Louis took a final, lingering glance along his scant frame, except the puppy chub at his hips, and then kept washing his hands with a faint sneer. He expected words, biting and sarcastic, as usual. Instead, he was met with silence. Confused, Louis turned back to him as he dried his hands, ready with a scathing remark. It died on his tongue. Harry’s eyes were locked, very deliberately, on his crotch. His crotch, which was still unzipped, and therefore dick on display. Oh fuck.

“My eyes are up here, Styles,” Louis growled, cheeks flushing despite himself as he reached to do up his fly.

“Leave it.” It rasped from Harry’s throat, thick and shaky. Louis froze, fingers cupping himself.

“Excuse me?”

anonymous asked:

what kind of head canons do u have:)????? ( pls fuck me up i`m emo already anyways)

louis paints harry’s nails sometimes. sometimes harry asks for it, sometimes he does it on his own whim. like when he knows harry is kind of :/ about something, he’ll grab a bottle and will take harry’s hand in his and start painting his nails. sometimes harry will talk about what’s bothering him, other times he won’t but he’ll kiss louis on the cheek as thanks you afterwards

on the night before they go MIA for a while they take a bubble bath together. harry is in charge of the candles, louis is in charge of the champagne + roses (bc that’s a thing) and it’s become tradition. just a nice, relaxing way to kick off their week or two together, just flying under the radar. it’s nice.

harry goes to visit louis’s family even when louis isn’t around. he’s their brother in law after all, and they all love him a Lot (and let’s be honest, harry loves being around them too) the noise of a family home is nice and he enjoys his relationships with louis’s siblings so he’ll hang out with them, and babysit the baby twins, and will cook dinner and put them to bed when everyone is gonna be out late. louis does the same with harry’s family because they’re all one big family and it’s pure, and robin’s a riot, and him and gemma are equally matched in the Sass™ department, and anne gives good hugs, so. 

ok so we all know louis likes to buy stuff for harry; that seems to be his big Thing because harry shows up with a new ring every few months, but i think harry’s Thing is just like doing stuff for louis??? like, louis’s in the shower and close to running late? harry will make him a cup of tea. louis’s coming home late from a long, exhausting day? harry will make sure everything is nice and relaxing so they can curl up on the sofa and “watch a movie” (which only lasts for 2 seconds since louis is halfway asleep by the time he’s showered and in comfy clothes. 

louis????? wearing harry’s clothes??? pattering around the house in harry’s sweatpants that pretty much hang off of him, and the fabric catches around his feet???? i’m a sucker for that level of softness honestly. tOO MUCH

helping each other with songwriting. not even in the sense that they write it in the credits of the song, it’s just something they Know. like when harry’s trying to write something and he’s kind of muttering the lyrics out loud because something isn’t right, and he’s got That Frown on his face, and from the kitchen or across the room or whatever where louis is paying attention (because he’s always paying attention to harry, even when he’s doing his own thing) louis’s just like, “hey babe, what about this…” or when louis is playing something, and trying to figure out a tune, harry will suggest a note change that just really makes the song flow and come together. i mean what kind #dreamteam realness.

ugh. i could literally go on i love them so much