“N is someone with a warm heart.” - Ryeowook ©

“He sings and dances well. And he works harder than anyone. He is someone with a warm heart.” - Leo  ©

“N is a leader that we’re proud of.” - Ken  ©

“If anything has to do with VIXX, he will bravely and fairly approach it. He’s a man you can have confidence in.” - Leo  ©

“Thank you for being a leader who leads us well, so we could be like real brothers to each other. I think it’s your effect, hyung, that we’re able to work hard without our hearts changing.” - Ravi ©

“N is someone who takes care of other people over himself.” - Leo  ©

“When I have bad days, N-hyung is the one who naturally reads my emotions well.” - Hongbin  ©

“N-hyung is a leader-like leader. A person who has to be a leader!” - Ken  ©

“I’m thankful to have you as a friend. I’m also thankful to have you as a leader. When my condition is bad, I appreciate that you worry about me more than anyone else. More than anything, I’m thankful that you’ve given me strength during the times that I was lost…” - Leo  ©

“I know well that you always work hard more than anyone for VIXX, so when you feel tired from running so hard, don’t forget that you’ve got VIXX brothers behind and beside you.” - Hyuk  ©

“As the leader, N hyung doesn’t just fulfill his role well, but onstage he is also one of the big roots that have a hold of VIXX’s color.” - Ravi  ©

“I think N is a person that is able to impress/touch people with his dancing. I learn a lot watching him…His dancing is really picturesque. He also thinks of how the group will look instead of thinking of himself first. I really want to learn from him on that point.” - Leo  ©

“N was born to receive love.” - Kim Yoonjoo & Hyuk  ©

Happy birthday to Cha Hakyeon, an angel who deserves all the love & praise in the world! ♡


깜짝 생일파티 너무 고마워요 형!
숙소앞에서 대체 얼마나 기다린거에요😳
사람이 사람의 맘을 얻는 일이라는게
가장 어렵다고 그렇다고 하는데
형한테는 가장 쉬운 일일수도! ^^

Thank you so much for the surprise birthday party!
How long did you wait in front of the dorm😳
They say that winning a person’s heart
is the hardest thing to do but
it’s seems to be the easiest thing for you! ^^

Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx