[OTHER] VIXX - 2012 N & Hyuk Day

  • N probably:'Ravi sweetheart make sure you wear your goldest shirt and don't forget your bucket hat want me to pack lunch for you? No? Who cares if you'll look lame with a lunch box? But you need three square meals a day sweetie. You don't need nutrition when you have swag? Okay. Want me to drive you to the audition? Okay son so ahead'

900630 ☆ Happy Birthday, Cha Hakyeon!

I’ll spare you all the long, emotional message (sort of), but I’ll just say that I’m so proud to be a fan of VIXX’s great leader. NNNNN is such a dork sometimes, but there’s more to him than that: he’s kind, hard-working, loving, etc. I’m thankful for the many times he’s made me smile. Happy birthday to this man I like and respect so much; may he have many more birthdays. ♥