I am so angry right now!!

Nobody ever sees Rikku as the intelligent, badass, sweet heart she is!! Her tag is just filled with porn, which is okay, but NO ONE ever talks about HER.

Not to mention that in game, Yuna gets all the credit for the battles they fight together.

BUT RIKKU, mechanic-genius, fiend-fighting, dominating her fears, taking damn good care of Yuna and giving her a reason to live again…. RIKKU!!!

The one who didn’t blow Tidus off in the first temple, didn’t allow him to be killed, RIKKU!! Who forgave him of destroying her attempt to kidnap the cousin she was trying to protect and was the one to tell him the truth and work with him to protect her!!


BUT ALL PEOPLE SEE IS THE PORN, the body, the ‘cute’

for fucks sake!!

*kicks a wall*