This is my favorite part of Auron’s ending because of the history between these two. Kimahri stepped in when Auron could not fulfill his promise to Braska and took Yuna from Bevelle and placed her in Besaid Island. However, he did so much more than he was asked. Kimahri stayed with Yuna, becoming her lifelong friend and guardian. If there was ever to be a beautiful farewell, it would be this one. That little bump on the chest was more than a goodbye, however; it was a thank you.

whenever i get this happy image in my head, i get terribly upset and thus i describe this as a happy drawing that will make people sad

it is my headcanon that auron and braska have known each other for a while before going on the pilgrimage with jecht. auron would help them out with the chores. 

auron is usually really bad with kids (just look at how he took care of tidus) and braska was really 90% of the reason he has reached an okay level of comfort with yuna (the remaining 10% is yuna being such a wonderful and warm child)