as you may know eyoung is extremely shy and her biggest probably is talking in tv shows or even interact with the other members during flashback promotions in the “wide entertainment news” every member had a chance to talk and show their talents, eyoung was the only one who didn’t say anything till the end, when she finally had a chance to talk, someone talked and she was almost giving up, nana realized that eyoung wanted to talk and helped her! nana is such a wonderful person with a good heart! ♥

someone asked me if it's not sad stanning a group of rotative members
here's the thing of course there's good parts and bad parts, if after school
wasn't a rotative group I would never had a chance to met the members
of the new generations, it hurts so much just to think that one of my
babies could be graduating tomorrow, but there's one thing i know
they while they are together, they will make me so happy, as a playboyz
i can speak for the rest of the fandom, i will follow the graduated members
in their solo projects and i will not forget the precious memories of them!
the truth about forever is that it is happening right now