A/N: This was not planned and I should totally be studying now but I’m fed up with stuff I’m reading these days , coming from the inside of the fandom mostly and these type of situations just trigger my inner crazy EXO-L so I’M GONNA SPREAD LOVE TO ALL THE MEMBERS I DON’T CARE.

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->Kim Junmyeon (Suho):

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-this boy trained for 7 years ok?

-i’m obv biased but one of the best kpop group leaders out there

-actually is thinking about EXO all the time

-sincere eyesmile

-takes care of all members

-big sense of responsibility

-probably blames himself if anything bad happens to EXO

-is prob very pressured by the company

-LOVES all the members, i’m sure of it

-also loves fans with all his being

-never dissapointed us

-defends EXO all the time


-learned to be more himself on camera

-is always improving

-one of the most handsome guys out there

-doesn’t care about fanwars

-carries everything on his shoulders

-tries to make EXO-L happy all the time

-comforts members  

-underrated talent

-dad jokes 

-but it comes from his heart

-is always teased af but everyone loves him too much

->Kim Minseok (Xiumin):

-has always been amazingly precious

-works hard

-cute af

-sexy af


-amazing laugh

-great vocals

-everyone respects him

-is always teased by baek but secretly loves it

-Suho’s partner for dad jokes

-can have a lot of facial expressions

-is always the one chosen to talk by the other members

-is much more popular than SM expected him to be (suck it losers)

-looks good all the time

-is much more than just looks though

-performs af

-simple with a touch of too much

-mature guy with a fun side

->Zhang Yixing (Lay):

-someone hold me up while talking about this boy


-cutie pie sweetie

-so talented

-underrated vocals

-cares SO much about EXO 

-works too hard 

-like all the time

-has an amazing soul

-look at this smile

-puts too much pressure on himself

-is the link between present ot9 and old ot12

-broke a bunch of records with his solo

-feels comfy around the members

-sometimes is shy

-can be straighforward

-is always trying to contact fans

-reads fan letters at airports

-husband material

-also sexy af

-look at those hips ok?

-literally never stops practicing

-because he always thinks he is not doing good enough

-musically gifted

-how can someone not like him??????????? i’ll never understand

->Byun Baekhyun (Baekhyun):

-popular line

-extra af


-vocals that make me cry

-for real

-always tries to lighten up the mood

-can get angry

-it’s a light

-king of dance improvement

-knows what EXO-L think

-lowkey everyone’s bias

-don’t deny it


-after you are too into EXO, you can just know what he’s thinking by observing his facial expressions

-little shit

-in a good way

-Yixing protection squad president

-doesn’t deserve all the shit he gets

-laughs and smiles 


-so talented

-he literally trained for like 6 months

-somehow still manages to always surprise us

->Kim Jongdae (Chen):

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-prob one of the best vocalists out there

-king of dance improvement part 2

-where’s his solo?

-admits to have a dirty mind

-and knows we all do too

-laughs a lot

-screams a lot

-whines a lot

-passes a lot of emotion through singing

-i don’t think i’ve ever seen this boy sad

-sometimes underrated talent

-has a good relationship with all members

-gets awkward sometimes

-gets annoyed 


-mature guy with a fun side part 2

-always gives his all


-high notes

-knows the limits when teasing

-helps others

-defends his members

-> Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol):

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-musically gifted 

-can do anything basically

-works so hard

-is always putting pressure on himself

-but it is silent about it

-popular line 

-goes with the mood 

-best rapper of SM (sorry not sorry)

-appreciates everything fans do

-wants to be loved

-loves back

-can be really really cute

-even if he is a giant

-gets stressed easily


-underrated vocals


-family oriented

-still reaction king

-supports everyone



-very handsome

-is prob making music rn

-sleeps late

->Do Kyungsoo (D.O.):

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-hold me up when talking about this boy part 2

-one of my favorite voices for real

-you can swim at his vocals

-is so genuine

-is friends’ with all the members

-very gifted actor

-maybe doesn’t express that much but you can see he appreciates everything fans do with all his heart



-wants to murder Chanyeol and Baekhyun

-but actually loves them too much to do so

-his smile>>>>>>>>>

-and laugh

-everyone loves him

-is actually really fun

-is naturally cute

-even if he doesn’t accept it


-cute eyes thing

-really really handsome

-generally doesn’t die his hair

-because he is superior


-actually loves being EXO

-RnB/Soul king

->Kim Jongin (Kai) :

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-I might get a little too ahead of myself rn so i’m sorry in advance

-overworks himself all the time

-is literally always practicing

-cries when he doesn’t get to perform

-literally just wants to dance and sing 

-is thankful

-is a baby 

-family oriented

-puppy lover

-underrated vocals

-genious dancer


-best laugh ever

-looks good all the time

-really really cute

-king of facial expressions on stage

-has two personalities

-hip thrusts generally on point

-looks great in suits

-has the kindest soul


-observes a lot

-can be quiet

-thinks a lot

-gets nervous before performing

-puts too much pressure on himself

-100% potential to be sexy at any time

-king of smirks

-is always dramatic when dancing

-can be deep if you understand what he is saying

-boyfriend material

-is very soft 

-kim kai


-> Oh Sehun (Sehun):

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-do i even have to do this? everyone knows i love him

-is always improving

-underrated actor

-honestly i laugh at all interviews he is in because he is so random i luv him

-is also a baby

-popular line

-needs company

-gets lonely

-loves Suho

-most loyal of them all


-unique in his own way

-really good laugh

-has died his hair of every color ever

-likes to comunicate with fans

-is very fun when not on awkward interviews

-loves EXO

-lowkey king

-can be shy

-sometimes doesn’t know how to speak what he’s thinking

-ocassionally writes cute letters

-really really really handsome

-we all get proud when he gets his solo dancing shots

-sleeps late along with Chanyeol

-has a really soft heart

-lowkey makes fun of himself

-all the members are his brothers

-is precious af

BONUS: (i’m a hardcore ot12 stan, what did you expect?)

->Wu Yifan (Kris):

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-very talented

-obv underrated

-looks cold

-is actually kind

-loves his mom

-hard worker


-very very handsome

-doesn’t regret his time with EXO

-has a lot of opinions

-is a really nice guy for real

-appreciates his fans so much

-really great smile


-says he gets all the girls

-is actually a dork


-speaks a bunch of languages

-boy is smart


-> Luhan:

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-is an actual prince

-i’m not even kidding


-is shy on camera

-has been much more natural nowadays though

-is conquering the world

-defends himself

-loves soccer

-family oriented

-extroverted + introverted

-really shiny eyes

-great smile

-is awkward

-gets anxious while doing interviews

-is constantly improving

-underrated dancer

-probably the only one that still contacts every EXO member ever

-mature but fun guy part 3

-is willing to give his all

-has something to say to the paparazzi and stalkers

-still gets shy often

-you cannot not like him

-i’ll say it again, actual prince

-> Huang Zitao (Tao):

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-is also a baby

-has grown up a lot though

-really sincere with the fans

-wants to tell us everything

-admits his mistakes

-wants to be loved

-appreciates the fans too much

-loves the members

-specially close to Sehun and Suho

-very talented



-martial arts king

-is happy now and that’s all that matters

-loves to perform

-has a burning passion for it

-is also always improving

-easy to know when he is tired or annoyed

-great laugh

-works hard

-precious part12

-is heartbreaking to watch him cry

-overcomes obstacles

-lowkey diva

-in a good way

-protect him

Hotline | Junmyeon

Genre: Humor (i tried) ; Fluff

Description: It wasn’t exactly a surprise for you when you heard Kim Junmyeon behind the other end of the line.

Word Count: 2095

Warning: Could at some point touch sexual themes but not go as far as that.

Author’s Note: Yes, this simply came out of nowhere and could be sh!t, who knows, mostly dialogue too,, e n j o y ^^

You uttered a silent curse for around the tenth time, turning and tossing on your bed in an exasperated attempt at falling asleep. It wasn’t that late at night, 8:00 p.m. at most, but your plans for that day had been cancelled when your best friend explained she’d ought to take care of her little cousins– a quirky pair of twins that would sometimes freak you out with their twin-ish antics, and you’d already depleted every other source of diversion you’d found within the confinement of your room.

Your parents weren’t at home either as they both worked up to late hours at night. So, finding not a reason why not to, you found yourself driven to something you’d been meaning to do for quite a while. Dialing a hotline. Well, really, it was just your school hotline but you found it hilarious nonetheless. Just how had that rickety old principal come up with that idea, it amused you.

A hotline for mathematics can solve all your problematics. It never failed to make you burst with laughter, his witty motto. More when you thought of how much all of you had to suck at academics for him to even have to go through those troubles. Either way, you had to agree the other hotlines he’d set up had definitely been a great investment. They could help people, and you liked that. Though for now you could only think of those seating behind the other end of the mathematics line. Surely, they were desperate for calls, you bet they’d never actually had any people really interested in seeking academic help– yeah, you’d heard some acquaintances talking about it, but no doubt they’d only ever used it for their own amusement.

Now you were soon to find out.

[phone dialing]

XXXXXXXX: A hotline for mathematics can solve all your problematics! How can I–

Your smile outstretched to the far ends of your cheeks and you resisted the sudden urge to laugh. Of course, it had to be him.

Y/N: Kim Junmyeon, I am appalled.

You couldn’t keep the sarcasm out of your voice and you could virtually see his brows knitted together into a frown.

Junmyeon: Excuse me, but, who are you?

You felt a bit disappointed, yes, but couldn’t deny you were a bit glad he didn’t recognize you. You could tease him plenty.

Y/N: Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me~ I thought our time in the janitor’s closet had been unforgettable.

Yes, that would do.

Junmyeon: Y-You! Do you have any idea how much trouble you got me into?!

Y/N: Ow, don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it?

Junmyeon: What the– Nothing happened between us!

Junmyeon sounded genuinely agitated and you just hoped he was blushing beneath that seeming aggressiveness as you maintained your good-girl-bad-girl act.

Y/N: But it could have, baby boy.

Junmyeon: Oh my God, if you don’t have any real questions to ask then I’ll go ahead and haang up.

Y/N: Okay, okay! Jeez, can’t handle a small joke, eh, baby–

Junmyeon: Don’t call me that.

Y/N: Alright, alright. Let me ask you a real question, then. What are you wearing?

Junmyeon: What?

Y/N: Boxers or briefs? I’m wearing a white nightgown myself and imagining your hand trailing up my–

Junmyeon: WAIT. What the hell Y/N?!

Y/N: Isn’t this a hotline~?

You could feel it. You were grinding his gears and for some inexplicable reason you were enjoying it. Quite much, in fact.

Junmyeon: Alright, I see you are nothing but a waste of time, I will hang up now.

Y/N: Wait, wait, wait! I’m kidding, alright. I’ll behave now.

You were laughing now and somehow couldn’t stop. You could simply hear him sigh.

Junmyeon: I hope so. Otherwise…

Y/N: Oh, how menacing~ Should I feel threatened?

Junmyeon: You very much should.

You smiled. At least he followed your pace now.

Y/N: Well then, it might bring you some pleasure knowing, I am hiding under my bed right now.

Junmyeon: Are you always this childish?

Y/N: Maybe… If you count the fact that I lied to you.

Junmyeon: Lied?

Y/N: I’m actually wearing black laced lingerie.


Y/N: You imagined it, didn’t you?

Junmyeon: I will hang up.

Y/N: OKAY, you got me, it’s actually my My Little Pony undies.

Junmyeon: Y/N…

You chuckled, finding it was time to stop messing with him so much.

Y/N: Say, Junmyeon… How much trouble I actually did get you into?

Junmyeon: Are you kidding me? They wouldn’t believe what I told them. Apparently they’ve got a blacklist in the records and guess who’s in the top spot?

Y/N: Yours truly.

Junmyeon: Exactly. And it seems your shameless acts have far more weight than the top student’s words.

Y/N: “Shameless acts”, you make me feel like a sinner, baby boy.

Junmyeon: Stop saying that.

Y/N: What? Baby b–

Junmyeon: YES. And you are sinful, that’s why you got me into so much trouble.

Y/N: Wah, look at this church oppa over here pretending to be the purest living soul.

Junmyeon: That’s not it, I’m just better than you.

Y/N: Wow. Right. Cause I was the one who gagged you while we were up in there. And if you ask me, YEAH THAT’S NOT KINKY AT ALL.

He gasped. And his genuinely pure response made you want to chuckle.

Junmyeon: I-I did not! Covering your mouth with my hand so that you keep quiet does not mean gagging in any way. Besides, you were the one that pulled me in in the first place!

Y/N: Yeah, because it was a bet! I didn’t expect you to casually stroll down my way when I had to lock myself up with the first person I saw!

And that had been it. A simple bet that had gotten you two in quite some trouble. Your best friend, being perhaps the true reason behind all your detentions and quarrels, had had the guts to bet you wouldn’t dare lock yourself up with a “stranger” in the janitor’s room for more than a minute. You found it appealing, her challenge, knowing there could be no way you wouldn’t win– you knew at least half of the school and acquainted quite some more and you hadn’t earned the title of the school’s daredevil for nothing. Besides, you really wanted the ice cream she was offering.

But just how would you know the one person to cross your path would be responsible-nothing-but-tedious-and-academics Kim Junmyeon. One of the only persons whom you not at all talked to.

And when you pulled him into you in that closet– there, you knew just how much you fucked up.

Junmyeon: So, I was chosen at random, I see. But that doesn’t make this any less fucked up!

You could not comprehend. Was that disappointment you heard in his voice? And did he just curse? You’d never heard church oppa Junmyeon curse. However, you did not fret.

Y/N: Well, it was your fault we got figured out. Anyone would have practically heard how your teeth chattered against each other.

Junmyeon: I panicked, okay?!

At that, you did feel bad. Perhaps you’d never had an incline to hearing his side of the story, and perhaps him getting punished was truly your fault.

Y/N: Listen, I’m sorry– about that, you were right, I shouldn’t have done that, and I should have known better than to get you in trouble. I’m sorry you have to be in this stupid hotline because of that.

Junmyeon: What? No. This is not the punishment.

Y/N: Oh… Is… it not?

Junmyeon: Yes, I’m not here against my will.

Y/N: Damn. What did they do then? Forbid you from completing assignments, gave you a longer lunch break… OH, don’t tell me they stripped your good-boy-star mark away from you–!

Junmyeon: You really can’t take anything seriously, can you?

Y/N: Oh, I beg your pardon, me trying to brighten up your mood is simply unforgivable.

Junmyeon: Brighten up– and you think mocking a person is the way to do it?

Y/N: I wasn’t mocking you~ There’s a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

Junmyeon: I have not laughed once.

Y/N: Yet.


Seconds passed by in silence and you wondered if the call had been cut off before he replied.

Junmyeon: I think I’ll go ahead and hang up now.

He sounded genuinely tired and suddenly, quite unexpectedly, your heart ached a bit. Had you pushed it too far? Now him hanging up didn’t seem like a funny option to you anymore. And quite frankly, you didn’t want that.

Y/N: WAIT! Jeez, just how many times have I said that tonight… Look, I’m sorry. Let me make it up for you. I said you will laugh, and you will. If not with me, at me. Now go ahead, mock me any way you want.

Junmyeon: What, I can’t do that.

Y/N: Afraid, baby boy? Shit, sorry, sorry, it got stuck.

Junmyeon: No. Because I’m not like you.

Y/N: Ouch. Close but not quite. You’re missing out the part where you laugh.

Junmyeon: Hahahahaha. Was that enough?

Y/N: Junmyeooon, where’s the enthusiasm?

Junmyeon: Look, do you have a math problem or no–

Y/N: Pi.

Junmyeon: What?

Y/N: The value of pi.

Junmyeon: Great, now we’re talking. It would be 3.14.

Y/N: Close, but not quite. 3.14159265.

Junmyeon: How did you–

Y/N: But how would I know? I’ve failed the mathematics test so many times I lost count.

You knew that had to be the lamest pun you could ever come up with, but apparently… it worked. Your efforts were rewarded with the most beautiful form of laughter you’d ever heard before. Now, why were you blushing. Shit, how could this little nerdy laugh have such an effect on you. How could it make your cheeks warm up, how could it make you smile. How could it make you want to hear it again and again.

Y/N: Junmyeon? I’m actually concerned.

Junmyeon: Okay, I have to admit that was funny.

Y/N: Holy shit– I didn’t know. Where are your kids, DAD.

Junmyeon: Oh, come on, it was hilarious.

Y/N: Whatever you say, DAD.

Junmyeon: Stop it, now.

Y/N: Wow. I am torn. Baby boy or Daddy–


Y/N: Oh, but you love them, wink, wink.

Junmyeon: Did you just say “wink, wink”?

Y/N: Well, you can’t see me right? Now you get the idea.

Junmyeon: You really are insane.

There it was again. That laughter. And now it didn’t take too long. You felt pride, but more so you felt bliss. As bizarre as it was, you did, and saying you liked it was an understatement.

You heard movement at the other end of the line, a muffled voice that you could only guess belonged to that of his parents. A door closed.

Junmyeon: Ah, Y/N, I’ve got to go now, so if you have any other questions…

Y/N: Is this your phone number?

So sudden, you dreaded the idea of him being gone– well, his voice. You liked it, you realized. It’s soothing melody, the strictness he often had despite the tenderness it held. Like his laughter, you did not want it to stop, and it struck you like a cold blow how you thought so.

Junmyeon: Yes… Why?

Y/N: Well, consider me a contact, no need to thank me~

Junmyeon: Sure…

He chuckled. He just did and it was beautiful and you were blushing and your heart fluttered, and, oh what in the world was happening to you.

Y/N: Did you do it? Save me, I mean.

Junmyeon: Yeah, I did.

Y/N: What’s my contact name?

Junmyeon: The Nuisance.

Y/N: Ow, I’m hurt, baby– OH. Guess what your contact name is~?

Junmyeon: NO. NO. NO.

Y/N: Oh no, don’t worry that’s not it.

Junmyeon: Thank God–

Y/N: It’s Daddy.

Junmyeon: Y/N!

Y/N: Kidding. Tedious-Myeon.

Junmyeon: Tedious, me?

Y/N: OH NO, definitely not you.

Junmyeon: Tsk, whatever. Gotta go.

Y/N: Don’t tsk me.

Again. He chuckled. You could get used to that.

Junmyeon: Alright. Good night, Y/N.

Y/N: Night, hope you dream of me~

Junmyeon: Hope not to~

Y/N: You will~

Junmyeon: I won’t~

It was your turn to laugh, and it felt amazing. Perhaps because you knew you were now doing it with him. With him. Suddenly that sounded nice.

Junmyeon: O-Okay, good bye.

Y/N: Did you stutter? Cute.

Junmyeon: Did not. Good bye.

Y/N: Did too. Good bye.

And he just had to laugh once again before finally hanging up, leaving you somehow breathless. How did he manage to do that? That tedious boy that at first seemed to loathe your sight– or rather, your voice– but now laughed so freely with you. You did not know, yes, but you were set to find out.

You would do it, and that hotline might just as well be your savior.


Suho isn’t just some over-emotional mama bear!

Xuimin isn’t just some sex-crazed maniac…

Baekhyun isn’t just a whiny, clingy baby.

Chanyeol isn’t just some hyper goofball.

Sehun isn’t just a bratty maknae!

Chen isn’t just a sassy diva!

Kyungsoo isn’t some evil murderer in the making.

Kai doesn’t only think about chicken, dogs or dancing.

Tao doesn’t just love Gucci.

Kris isn’t as self-absorbed as you think.

Luhan isn’t always a hot mess of anger, stubbornness and manliness.

And Lay isn’t just some airhead…

  I love this fandom and all the inside jokes we managed to create and enjoy about these 12 lovely men.  But please understand that they are HUMAN!  They are complex, emotional and creative beings just like you and I.  I’m so tired of scrolling through all these reactions and scenarios portraying them as the same stereotype, over and over again.  When someone requests something, please take a moment to really think what they would truly react. Seriously, analyzing their behavior and words can uncover so much, not just the airhead, gucci-obsessed, whiny, sensitive or energetic act they are so used to playing up for their fans.

BTW….Lay knows two languages, trained so hard for about 4 years, stood by EXO even when his beloved Chinese ‘brothers’ left and claimed that he wants to prove that Chinese people can be trusted and hardworking.  and who travels the most and is the most busy within the group?  Lay.  SO STOP SAYING HE’S JUST SOME INNOCENT, CONFUSED OR AIRHEADED LITTLE ‘UNICORN’ BC THERE’S SO MUCH MORE TO HIM!!