Exo Dick Size


P.s: in inches


Suho: 6

no bias I swear. This baby would actual surprise you. More likely on the girth side so he probably just makes 6 inches. By god that girth.

Baekhyun: 5 ½

Byun Baekhyun would be the proud owner of his cute girthy penis aha. Oh boy his manhood would be thick af.

Chanyeol:  7 ½

Woo don’t get me started on this boy. His dick is more son on the length side than girth, kinder just like him. With his length he could do amazing things

D.O: 5

On the smaller side but let me just say GIRTH. Fuck he would be thick. Size doesn’t even matter with a dick like his.

Kai: 6 ½

I reckon under those jeans and ballet tights, Jongin is sporting a really nice dick. Kinder just nice all over really. I reckon it will be those thrusts that will be the end of you tho.

Sehun: 7

mhmm boyyy. He has got a dick that needs to be worshiped. He has that length to make you scream yehet and that girth to make you scream his name. God damn the things he could do to you…

Xiumin:  5 ½ - 6

I reckon my baby has got a really nice package. Not too big yet not too small, but… FUCK ME MINSEOK THAT GIRTH. Ohhh god damn. He would know exactly how to use it. His size would allow for the perfect fit that hits your g-spot just right. Oh and the way he fills you up? girl you ain’t even ready

Lay: 6- 6 ½

Is there just something about dancers or the way their tight jeans fit over their cock? But our Yixing would be on the length side of things. But don’t get me wrong he has just the right about of girth to make you feel good.

Chen: 5 ½

Surprise I reckon this kid has a really nice dick. Mhmm that girth. But despite that he would know how to use it!  

Tao: 7

One of the larger dicks of Exo, Tao would be well endowed downstairs. On the length side just like Chanyeol yet not as thick as him. But don’t stress he’s got the girth just not as much as the others ;)

Luhan: 5

Sorry Lu-ge! But Luhan would be the same size as Kyungsoo. But don’t get me wrong he would fill you up in just the right places! Despite the length he has girth on his side to fill you.

Kris:  7 ½

Oh dear. He would be long and thick af. Oh shit he would have you seeing stars that aren’t even in our galaxy. This kid would be thick and I mean thick. And length? well it speaks for itself. You would definitely need to be wet for this boy but I think he’s got that covered ;)


THIS IS THE CUTEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN “someone give this kid his damn marshmallow already 😂👏 #exo #exom #kpop #xiumin #kimminseok #minseok #cutie”

Exo reaction #75 - You being the rapper in your girl group even thought you can sing very well

Baekhyun: But but… You can sing so well… Why you’re rapper?

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Chanyeol: What…really? I mean it’s nice. I’m also rapper, but i thought you’re gonna be vocalist…

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Chen: WHAT!? I thought you would be the singer…

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D.o: Do they have problems with their hearing or what’s the problem?…

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Kai: Don’t worry babe. Being rapper is cool, trust me.

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Kris: Well babe i can sing,dance and rapp so i don’t care. We’re still gonna make album together.

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Lay: Really?… I was gonna wait the day when we’re gonna sing as duet couple…

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*Luhan goes to your company*

Luhan: Okay listen up! Y/N is great singer and person. You can’t do this to her! She’s singer not rapper, so change her title to main vocalist so i can finally make duet album with her!!!

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Sehun: Well, when i’m thinking about that you could have really good opportunity to make rap album with Exos awesome maknae… So being rapper wouldn’t be that bad.

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Suho: WoW! You…Rapper? *Suprised*

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Tao: So when you’re gonna be the main vocalist in your group, you’re gonna sing this line and in the end comes my rapping line and -

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Y/N: Tao oppa… I’m gonna be the rapper.

Tao: Where is your manager right now…?

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Xiumin: You… oh okay…

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Thank you for the request! I hope you guys liked this <3

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super accurate

God we’re good -Suho

You had your head in Suho’s lap one night as he was reading and you were watching crime shows on television. Maybe it was something he read, who knows, but you could certainly feel him getting hard underneath you. Taking advantage of your position you roll over and face him. You nuzzle into his crotch and he moans out for you. Before you could get him any harder, he picks you up and flips you over. Your head moves down one end of the couch and you ass rests in Suhos lap. You weren’t wearing anything but a grey sweater and pink lace panties. Suho moves your sweater off your butt and caresses his hands over you ass. He pulls at the panties and flicks them so them spring back and nip you. He comments “Are these the ones I bought you last week?”. You murmur a yes to him at which he doesn’t respond. He gives you a quick and hard slap to your ass cheeks. “What was that princess?”. You quickly stumble out “Sorry Daddy. Yes Daddy”. “That’s better”. He begins to slide his hands down your legs to which he then brings them back and slips them under your underwear. Grabbing at your ass and slapping it. His hands leave red marks that claim you as his. After he plays with you he asks “So tell me, have you been a good or bad girl?” you don’t respond. “I’ll take that as a bad girl”. He spins you over and lifts you up onto his lap as you face him. He looks you deep in the eyes and tells you “Make it up to me” as he looks down at his growing bulge. You lick your lips softly and slide down off the couch till your in between Suhos legs. You reach back up and slowly pulls his jeans off till he’s in his boxer-briefs only. You slide your hands up his legs and start to palm at his crotch. He moans out once before grabbing your wrist and looking at you “Don’t tease”. A small giggle leaves your mouth as you then take off his underwear. His hard erection springs free and you can’t help but salivate. You lean down and start sucking. God you’re good. Your hands and mouth move in unison and you have Suho on the edge far sooner than he had hoped. You can feel him building in your mouth and before he cums he quickly pulled out of your mouth. He’s panting heavily as you wipe your mouth. he commands you “Bedroom. Now” You get up and run to the bedroom with Suho close behind. You sit on the bed like the good girl you are and wait for Daddy. He walks through the doorway and eyes you up and down. He takes off his shirt and drops it to the floor before he saunters over to you. He crawls his way over and opens your legs before he starts grinding down on you. Your hands gravitate towards him but he snatches them up in his grasp and pins them above your head. Suho stops and moves slowly down your body leaving small kisses behind. He pauses in between your legs and then slowly takes your pink lace panties off. He flicks them off without a care. he stares at your sex for way to long before you start to moan out and wriggle your hips towards him. he tsks at you. “So impatient my baby girl” You moan out in response. “Daddy likes the way you taste too much. I’m going to take my time”. Suho leans down and starts off with one single lick all the way up your entrances before he starts to slowly suck on your clit. You can’t help but gasp out. His tongue works magic on you as it flicks your clit and enters you. Without warning Suho pushes one of his fingers inside of you and curls it around inside. Not a second later a second finger enters you and then another. He could feel you tightening around his fingers and he smiled as he eats your out. He pumps the fingers faster and faster and soon it’s too much for you to handle. “Daddy!” you scream out. “Daddy I’m about to cum!” He knows but he pushes you further and further. Stretching out the orgasm as much as he can. You cum all over Suhos hands and he slowly pulls them out of you. He looks down at them and then to you panting. He leans down to you and puts his fingers in your mouth. You can taste yourself and Suho loves it. He pulls them out and then licks the remains before he kisses you deeply. He looks down at your entrance and then back at you “You’re still so wet baby. Want me to take care of that?” All you can do is nod before Suho aligns himself at your entrance. You thought you were ready but the second Suho enters you, you scream and arch your back. You wriggle your hips up to meet his but Suho is going way to fast. he loves controlling the pace. You move your hands up to touch him again and he pins them to the bed board. The bed creaks and threatens to collapse but Suho keeps pounding into you. If you thought it was fast before, Suho picks up the past and you scream out “Suho!” He lifts your legs up and over his shoulders as he fills you up even more. He found it. Suho hits your g-spot over and over again. Abusing it so hard and fast your climax gets closer and closer. You can feel Suho getting closer to his edge and so you buck your hips up into him and he moans out as well. Hearing him moan was the end for you and you cum hard and fast. You fall into a state of bliss as Suho finishes inside of you. He slumps down beside you as you both breathe heavily. You giggle to yourself and he turns over to face you “What?” with a hint of suspicion. you laugh “God, we’re good” you both just laugh together as Suho takes you in his arms to snuggle. 


dont do it, man!