This video of Kyungsoo speaking in English is very important.

Exo’s reaction to someone trying to steal your bag

 Sehun: oh dear, well, you see it’s not actually my bag so I see no reason to chase the thief

Kai: Imma find that mother fucker get my girls bag back (ft. kyungsoo because they baes)

Tao: what just happened?…

*when he finds out it was Gucci* let me find the thief and fight them!!! 

Kyungsoo: *curses the thief to a lifetime of hell because d.o is the spawn of satan*

Chanyeol: how… how could they?!?!

Chen: *evil little puppy wolf coming out to play*

Baekhyun: that bitch


Suho: Don’t worry about it, I’ll just buy you a new one!

Kris: so you just left it there though?

Luhan: stop right there! *chases are your bag*

Xiumin: what did i tell you about leaving your stuff in places people can take it?

Y/N: shut up

Well, it’s been a while since I did a reaction, hasn’t it? Sorry if I’m a little rusty but I’m accepting at the moment!


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