I just found these and now I can’t stop laughing oml….. 🙂😂😅


I’ve been visiting this rooftop every time I’m in San Francisco for the past 3 and a half years. I first found it on accident with a bunch of friends and we hung out up here for hours. I’ve watched the sun rise and the sun set here and it’s so magical. We were only able to stay up here for 20 minutes until we got kicked off. But I was so happy to be there. This is one of those places where every time I think about it, I get so happy because of all the beautiful memories.


I am not a morning person. 

This morning I woke up at 7am. In the middle of summer. I don’t even wake up that early for school. Anyways, I got ready and we headed out of the city to Mt Tam. There was a beautiful blanket of fog and the roads were empty. It was just my friends and I, blasting music and laughing as we sped along this windy road up the mountain. It was something you would see in a movie. A car full of kids, exhausted, but happy. A little delusional but the coffee helped and we had a magical morning. Here are some photos I took on a disposable from that morning.


This morning we woke up at 6am to drive across the bay and adventure around Mt. Tam. While walking up the hill in the first photo, a strange man driving by stopped to ask us if we want to know some cool spots. He later on told us that he feels like we’re special people in this universe and gifted us with an amethyst that he got from a mine in East China. The man was a little off in the head but he seemed very innocently weird. He told us that when he was younger, he was mentored by someone and that’s what pushed him to do what he wants to do and that we should work towards our dreams as well. He said that anything we want to do is plausible if we believe in ourselves. The amethyst he gave us is now sitting on my desk to remind me that the world is mine if I want it bad enough.

I bought a used copy of unwound future because my boyfriend lost mine while he was moving. Shame on him. (But I forgive him).
Who I can’t forgive however, is Drew. I did decide to buy this copy because it was in such nice condition. And that is because it is practically brand new! He played for 11 minutes and solved one puzzle.

…Drew is a disappointment.

Drew can’t handle a challenge.

Drew gives up after the first puzzle.

Drew misses out on charming adventures.

Moral of the story: Don’t be a Drew.

Pass it on.