The difference between watching high school musical as a child and watching it as a high school thespian is the fact that I now realize that if Gabriella waltzed into my theater program and tried to steal the lead in one of my shows I would have been pissed, all I’m saying is if I were Sharpay I probably would have killed the bitch.

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Management? Maybe it was just a 20 year old guy looking at porn? Like not a shocking thing.

I don’t understand how so many people are MISSING THE POINT HERE???

  • First of all, If Harry Styles™ of One Direction™ - the biggest boyband on the planet - wanted to look at porn… He probably wouldn’t do it on his official Twitter account and publicly FAVORITE said porn for the entire world to see. Including his 21 Million followers, with a very large percentage of that 21 Million consisting of young, impressionable tween/teenage girls. 
  • YOUNG GIRLS (some of which are probably too young to even be on Twitter…) are going to see that tweet in Harry’s favorites. And, NOT ONLY should they not be subjected to porn at a young age… they should DEFINITELY NOT be subjected to porn by their idol or “crush” Harry Styles™.
  • It’s 2014. Freaking 8 year olds probably have iPhones for gods sake! Think of all the girls who are gonna see that tweet and think maybe that’s a way to get Harry’s attention??? Not cool.
  • At this point, management definitely has some explaining to do. Because, even if this is a “hack issue” or “glitch” they should’ve been ALL OVER IT as soon as tweets started coming in about it and should’ve worked on taking it down immediately so other fans wouldn’t see it. It’s been hours now, and the tweet is still chillin’ in Harry’s favorites like it’s no biggie. It’s like they either don’t care, simply suck at doing their jobs and caring about Harry’s reputation, or maybe… FOR WHATEVER FRIKKIN STUPID REASON… They put it there themselves.

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