The difference between watching high school musical as a child and watching it as a high school thespian is the fact that I now realize that if Gabriella waltzed into my theater program and tried to steal the lead in one of my shows I would have been pissed, all I’m saying is if I were Sharpay I probably would have killed the bitch.

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Just wondering, how much can you emotionally 'torture' a character before it gets too much/too mean? thanks ~ (Love your blog by the way ^^)

There’s a fine line between emotional torment and angst (or, if you read enough fanfic, wangst). While angst can be satisfying, too much of it can make a reader quit in frustration. The main thing you should consider is that a hopeless character is hard to take. Hope is a huge factor in getting through difficult works, hope in the characters as well as hope from the readers for the characters.

This doesn’t mean a depressed or despairing character is bad, but when the character has no hope for themselves and the reader is given no hope for their future, it becomes very difficult to continue reading. There’s a lot of bleak fiction out there that gets fans because the promise of hope is still there.

It’s not bad for a character to be sad or lose hope, and it’s not bad for characters to have hope when the readers know it’s hopeless. it becomes difficult when there’s no hope whatsoever.

Give your character emotional highs and victories. The tension can still remain, but letting your characters catch their breath and remember a better time is a good thing to do, even if things are still emotionally wrenching.

30 Day Film Challenge:

Day 1 - Favourite movie.
Day 2 - Favourite movie starring your favourite actor or actress.
Day 3 - All time favourite movie scene.
Day 4 - Favourite director.
Day 5 - A great piece of cinematography.
Day 6 - Favourite protagonist.
Day 7 - Favourite antagonist.
Day 8 - Favourite documentary.
Day 9 - Your favourite cinema experience.
Day 10 - A film that makes you happy.
Day 11 - A film that makes you sad. 
Day 12 - Favourite ‘foreign’ film.
Day 13 - Favourite movie death.
Day 14 - Favourite comedy moment.
Day 15 - A special effect that blew your mind.
Day 16 - Favourite book adaptation.
Day 17 - The film which had the biggest influence on you.
Day 18 - The most romantic movie moment of all time. 
Day 19 - A movie character you wish was your friend.
Day 20 - Your guilty pleasure.
Day 21 - A movie quote you’ll never forget.
Day 22 - Movie heroes that would be a part of your own Avengers.
Day 23 - Favourite song/soundtrack.
Day 24 - Favourite movie based on a true story.
Day 25 - Favourite animated movie.
Day 26 - A film which beautifully captures a particular city or place.
Day 27 - The film character you are most like.
Day 28 - Film characters you ship.
Day 29 - The movie with the best costumes.
Day 30 - Your favourite plot twist. 

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