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//I finished them all at the same time so I’m just gonna put them all together.

‘Rockabye’ - Maemi Watanabe’s Character Playlist

-Rockabye - Clean Bandit
-Roots Before Branches - Room for Two
-Back to Black - Amy Winehouse
-Unpretty - TLC
-Addicted - Kelly Clarkson
-The Winner Takes It All - ABBA
-F.U. - Little Mix
-No More Tears (Enough is Enough) - Donna Summers & Barbra Streisand
-Partition - Beyonce
-Unstoppable - Sia

‘Closer’ - Toson Shinko’s Charatcer Playlist

-History Maker - Dean Fujioka
-Me Too - Meghan Trainor
-Thriller - Michael Jackson
-Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
-I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance
-Oops!… I did it Again - Britany Spears
-Roxie - Chicago
-Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
-Shot Through The Heart - Bon Jovi
-Closer - The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

‘Fighter’ - Yuuki Kurosaki’s Character Playlist

-Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce
-Uma Thurman - Fall Out Boy
-Private Show - Little Mix
-Brother - Ben Haenow
-Gone - Kelly Clarkson
-Runaways - All Time Low
-Seven Wonders - Catch Me If You Can the musical
-I Write Sins Not Tragedies - Panic! At The Disco
-Bad - Michael Jackson
-Fighter - Christina Aguilera

‘Bail Me Out’ - Kobo Okanaya’s Character Playlist

-My Whole Family - Bo Burnham
-Little Boy, Be a Man - Catch Me If You Can
-Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks - Panic! At The Disco
-Bail Me Out - All Time Low
-Sober - P!nk
-Turning Tables - Adele
-Misery Business - Paramore
-Dancing On My Own - Calum Scott
-Can’t Help Falling In Love - Elvis
-21 Guns - Green Day

‘No More Sad Songs’ - Ryuu Nagata’s Character Playlist

-Breathing Underwater - Emeli Sande
-Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
-Out Here On My Own - Fame
-Fly, Fly Away - Catch Me If You Can
-Creep - Radiohead
-No More Sad Songs - Little Mix
-I Didn’t Know My Own Strength - Whitney Houston
-Love My Life - Robbie Williams
-Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
-The Greatest - Tonight Alive

‘Blood-Stained Switch’ - Sadao Irunami’s Character Playlist

-Warning - Green Day
-Carousel - Melanie Martinez
-Crazy=Genius - Panic! At The Disco
-Freak - Little Mix
-Oh So Quiet - Bjork
-Blood-Stained Switch - Mothy
-Five Years - Tonight Alive
-Sweet Dream - Beyonce
-Cheap Thrills - Sia
-Piece By Piece (Idol Version)- Kelly Clarkson

kourl  asked:

agreed! the fact that we play as hinata who he insist she was human (son..) also doesn't help. when you think about romance with nanami as an ai it.. just doesn't work. she's supposed to supervise all the students in their recovery, having her put someone above the rest due to romantic feelings (which she doesn't get because ugu but also because they're not necessary to her role) breaks her nature as a passive ai. plus it'd mean people need to recognise hinams as inherently unhealthy which lmao

Well, there is nothing wrong with being attached to an AI especially since he didn’t know she was one ( actually, if you saw the movie ‘Her’, you can totally be enamoured with an AI knowing it’s an AI, haha ). It makes sense for him to try to deny it because that’s kind of a big deal, but that’s not a reason for us, player, to say ‘oh yeah, she is totally human’.

I always thought Nanami was programmed to keep an eye on Hinata specifically, Future Foundation must know that he is a special case, since everyone was manipulated/brainwashed ( it depends the canon you pick ) while Hinata willingly became a kind of sociopathic god because he didn’t feel adequate ( which is also why he doesn’t remember he isn’t a SHSL, just like Kyoko, FF was probably scared that it would be a problem for him to remember who he was ). When we get a glimpse in Nanami’s diary, she focuses on Hinata’s action, and it would explain why she forbids Hinata to go through the Final Dead Room while she does nothing when Gundham decides to do it. That’s only a hypothesis, but Nanami’s writing is all over the place in general.

I’m really trying to figure out how Nanami’s AI works, and the truth is that it doesn’t work and I kinda want to write something about it, but this answer is always getting too long, it’s just that she isn’t a weak AI or a strong AI she is… I have no clue what she is ? Like, if she is a strong AI it doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t follow the laws of robotics, because you won’t make me believe that they wouldn’t install them in a thing like that. Her being a weak AI would be consistent with her not analysing the situation very well and being wrong. But it wouldn’t explain how she is able to rewrite her code because she ‘cares’ about her classmates, that doesn’t make any sense. So I’m lost on this one. Sorry, I rambled.

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