Help George Buzinkai, writer of The Doctor, Endless Climb and other original Homestuck music

I’m going to make this short because it seriously hurts me to have to read this, let alone post about it. You may know George from his compositions such as ‘Doctor’, ‘Endless Climb’, ‘Explore’ and most recently ‘Train’ from Volume 10 - among many others.

George needs our help and the best way you can do that is to donate. I am already pledging to give all of my ad revenue and more towards making sure he is safe and well, but any amount towards the cause helps.

For a more detailed view of what’s going on, you can visit this /r/homestuck reddit post - do be careful though, it is rather dark…

Even if you cannot donate please spread the word.  This is literally the only thing of this degree I will ever ask you guys for. Without George’s music I would not have gotten into Homestuck or have started my extensions channel.

Hello world….They are fresh doctors, just graduated from the College of Medicine University of Lagos, Nigeria, last Friday. 📸@beckylotns

Let’s say good luck to them… #womenempowerment
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WATCH: Black Dallas surgeon who tried to save wounded officers:

“I think about it every day that I was unable to save those cops when they came here that night. It weighs on my mind constantly. This killing – it has to stop. Black men dying and being forgotten, people retaliating against the people sworn to protect us. We have to come together and end all this.”

FYSE rant

So I have a friend who recently got a hysterectomy. One of the most common side effects is decrease in vaginal lubrication, same as with menopause. It’s very common for people to need to use lube after a hysterectomy. She went to her doctor and asked for help saying that her problem was caused by her hysterectomy and the doctor basically did not take her seriously and called her crazy.

This is one of the reasons this blog is so popular! Doctors keep giving out false or outdated information or not talking to their patients about what’s going on!

So here’s my question to you dear people of tumblr:

Have you had any similar experiences where doctors were totally unhelpful? I’d love to specifically hear about reproductive health but general health rants are accepted as well! Anyone want to share?