I am so fucking sick of Demi Lovato getting relentlessly bullied on social media. Y'all act like social justice warriors yet you don’t give a fuck about the fact that she has now been bullied out of her career, her passion, the thing she loves most. Demi was homeschooled because she was bullied so badly in school and it’s honestly disgusting that people still do it now. Yes, sometimes she says shit which y'all may not agree with but her intentions are good and tbh everyone knows that, it’s just cool to hate on Demi Lovato. I see everyone preaching about mental illness and supporting it except when Demi shows a symptom of hers. She’s fucking bipolar. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she isn’t human. Y'all also preach about eating disorders yet i don’t see anyone defending her when she gets thousands of people calling her fat and whale every single day. Y'all say ‘she’s a celebrity, she needs to handle it’ but she shouldn’t have to handle it. It’s so triggering for her to see these comments. The worst is when people tell her kill herself or to self harm when everybody fucking knows she’s dealt with these issues since childhood. Seriously y'all are fucking sick. And now she may never make music again. Anyone who knows Demi knows that music is her life, she’s said countless times that music saved her life and saves other with it, and now that is gone. How is that fair on her? Seriously y'all can choke because you have bullied a woman, a young woman who had her whole career ahead of her, out of doing what she loves most. It’s no question that she has one of the best voices in the industry and she makes good quality music, now we’re left with shitty songs like ‘Work’ and 'Panda’. I hope y'all are proud of yourselves for what you’ve fucking done. She is a human being, like you. Imagine getting that amount of hate every single day. I’m literally so sad for her.


The sexiest photo on my phone… I can’t show you that. The last three windows I opened in Safari would probably be CNN, I’m always on CNN.. Wikipedia and probably TMZ. Guilty. The most embarrassing  thing on my phone would probably be my own video game? Because It’s not embarrassing that I have a video game, It’s actually fuckin cool but to have a video game of myself is little embarrassing. 


“when you’re an artist, you have a platform that can reach millions. I feel it’s selfish when you don’t use your voice, because then you’re just relishing the attention—you’re not using it for good. I have felt uncomfortable having people say, “You’re my idol,” because I want them to idolize God. I want them to idolize somebody that’s done a lot. So I think it’s important that artists use their voices for so much more than just their talent.”