Announcement and explanations

The blog took a way drawn out rest that was officially stated.. halfway thru the rest, haha.

See, behind every ask blog (or content creator) there is a human, with their own lifes and matters. We are not centered 100% around our blogs (or channels or whatnot).
What made me pause is a mix of University swallowing my time, me getting a new computer and having to get used to a different interface and drawing software, lack of motivation due to the new interface being more complicated, Dark Souls…
And life issues. Matters I’d rather keep to myself and just mention as, well. Part of what took time away from the blog.


There’s a new Monster Hunter game coming out. One which I have already preordered. And now I have both a bigger following than at the start of 4U AND a much better thought character (thanks to the people at Discord. You know who you are ;3 ).

So the blog is coming back. Slowly, and not at the same quality (Krita’s quite complicated. Thanks @ihara-draws for helping me fiddle around with it). But both Cynthia and Teryxia are going to start a new hunting season and narrate it a bit thru here.

All asks have been deleted, for a fresh start. And I’ll TRY to answer them as they come instead of being picky.

So see you soon, everyone. Love you.

- Skele