Transformers: Generations - Superion

Finally all of the Aerialbots have arrived, with Alpha Bravo as a stand-in for Slingshot that is. The team looks good together, even though having four jets with one helicopter makes the latter stand out. At least the theme is still there.

Combined they look great, WAY better than Hasbro’s last attempt at a combiner. I do have minor things that I don’t care for, but they are easily overlooked, and will eventually be corrected through third party upgrades.

I don’t have too much else to say, the pictures tell it all. I like how the new combiner ports hold and make it really easy to attach and detach the limbs.

April 2015 Collection

Skipped March, oops! Quick pic of my collection as it was last month. Picked up quite a bit, so it’s probably time to ease off… but not before Figuarts Yoshi gets here!

Jakks Pacific Blue Toad
Jakks Pacific Diddy Kong
K’nex Boomerang Flower
Mario Kart 8 Wario
Nihon Auto Toy Waluigi
Nihon Auto Toy Wario
Takara Tomy Mario Caps

~NEW (Not Pictured)~
Disney Infinity Stitch
Jakks Pacific Olimar
Jakks Pacific Red Pikmin
Jakks Pacific Samus
NECA RE: Archives Chris Redfield

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okay, here’s my kittensplaypenshop collection! 

starting with the first picture, from left to right, i have an 18″ cat tail in rust, an 18″ cat tail in honey, an 18″ cat tail in brown fox, an 18″ fox tail in black, and an 18″ fox tail in cream.

in the second picture there’s a bunny tail in the super soft grey rabbit, a set of kitten ears in black, a set of kitten ears in the brown fox (those were ordered before it was an option to have them with minimal trimming which is why they look a little lighter than the tail), and finally, a pair of puppy ears in honey.

in the third picture there’s a pin on bow in mint, a custom ball gag that i ordered about eight months ago, a soft green collar, and the floral collar with a silver bell and a custom tag that says princess.

the forth picture is my black set that i ordered! they’re all custom things, a ball gag, collar with added lace as well as a silver bell and a custom tag, a leash (which isn’t pictured), a set of ankle cuffs, and a set of wrist cuffs. also not pictured are black padlocks and the chains for the cuffs.

the fifth picture is just a close up of the tag and bell on my black collar.

and finally, the last picture is just a comparison of my black and mint bows.

so, there it is, so far! i still have quite a few orders that i’m waiting on, and a few more things i’d like to order. 

if you have any questions or other requests i’d be happy to hear them!<3