etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 1 | 1.29.14

requested by: calirogue
looking for: gilded items under $50

calirogue fell in love with ‘gilded’ items after this bowl post on EFOTD. i must say, girly … you know how to pick 'em! i also love gilded things, so this curation request was super fun for me to do!

first, check out what’s already been listed on etsyfindoftheday:

  • 'gilded’ posts here
  • 'gold’ posts here

next, check out these items found especially for this curation – all under $50 USD:

  • 'wanderlust’ foil map print by misspoppydesign (featured)
  • gold-speckled clay ring bowl by annkaydesign
  • even more from theobjectenthusiast
  • there are many gilded porcelain options at madebymanos
  • a gilded tassel garland from studiomucci
  • a sparkly sequined pillow cover by pillow1
  • alchemy lollipops from thegroovybaker have real edible gold flakes!
  • a gold sequined initial for your desk or dresser
  • a pair of gold 'n sparkly earrings or other jewelry piece from one of my fave shops, tinygalaxies
  • a zag dish or gold point vessel from upintheairsomewhere
  • gold chevron + kraft giftwrap by papernestbylesa
  • some sweet gold + tile coasters from thecoastal – MANY options
  • 'cheers’ gold glitter banner at confettidesignshop
  • pinktwig’s shiny gold-dipped arrow pendant
  • a floating gemstone ring by kristinelily
  • or this SUPER RAD golden palm leather clutch from kertis, on sale for $50!

so, i’m gonna be completely honest here … i have 46 pages of 'gold’ etsy likes in my etsy profile. FORTY SIX PAGES. that’s … a little nuts. can you tell i heart gold? :)

i hope this was a good start (and not too overwhelming for you!) – let me know if you end up getting anything special!


etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 3 | 1.29.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: shops selling boho crystal/geode/agate rings

anon, you have come to the ultimate lover of all things boho and geode. srsly :) i have several shops that come to might right away!! let me know if you end up purchasing anything <3

  • luxdivine (featured) has several ring options (and GREAT boho jewelry in general)
  • gossamerandviolet sells many options of geode slice rings in tons of fun colors
  • one of my former shop features, mineralogydesign, has some beautiful rings to choose from
  • i love ohkuol’s druzy jewelry so much, i own two pairs of their earrings! their ring options are SUPER sparkly.
  • freaking love the varied agate, druzy and geode rings at amulettejewelry
  • take a look at the incredible geode rings at anatomi and try not to fall in love :)
  • find all kinds of crystal and druzy beauties at amandaleilanidesigns
  • skyejuice’s agate and geode rings have an earthy quality
  • and gsgjewelry has quite a few smaller and more feminine options

thanks for the fun curation request, anon!!



etsy find of the day | CURATION REQUEST 4 | 2.1.14

requested by: anonymous
looking for: awesome or unusual wood or glass herb planters for his girlfriend’s birthday

FEATURE 1: this large wooden garden planter not only features a cute doggy costar, it’s customizable in size. check out all the options at ropedoncedar here.

FEATURE 2: a smaller option like the individual wooden planters with tray above would fit beautifully in any apartment. thinkeco2 has other gift ideas, many related to wine (<3), that you should also peruse.

FEATURE 3: this minimalistic planter has a more modern feel – check out this grey box and the other earthy gift options at clorofillaplants.

FEATURE 4: a self-watering (!) wine bottle hydro planter in one of four shades from windcatcher

FEATURE 5: mason jar planters are cute and fun – more cool glass planters at bootsngus here

FEATURE 6: a self-watering and customizable window garden from bridgeportmanor

other ideas:

i can totally dig for more for ya, if you need additional ideas. just let me know!



SuperDuper Hats AW14 Pitti Preview

Following the outstanding opening show Matteo Gioli and his crew put together, there wasn’t much more else to say about SuperDuper Hats… A closer look at their debut stand presented an outstanding array of hats and caps, all in a variety of models and luxurious materials that immediately caught your attention.

Besides the unique aesthetic and attention to detail poured into each model, the understated color palette was absolutely stunning featuring shades of teal, blue, camel, grey and brown. Handmade in Italy, these hats exude quality and a trademark character that makes them my first choice when compared to other high-end offerings out there…

Ph: Beyond Fabric

etsy find of the day | BOYFRIEND VALENTINE GIFTS | 1.27.14

ladies. i hear ya. boys ARE difficult to buy for sometimes, especially if your relationship is new, or if your manfriend has quirky likes, or if you’ve already given him something awesome for christmas and you’re out of ideas :) so tonight’s post is going to list out some really cool, really unique gift ideas that would be perfect for your very own masculine gift recipient. thoughts?

food/cooking-related ideas (among ideas for silverbear-silvercross-995)

  • one of gneissspice’s sweet magnetic spice kits – the spicy kit is featured above, and i also dig the carnivore kit. very manly.
  • featured yesterday, sandyleaffarm’s DIY kits could be a fun project for you guys to do together! there’s even a ginger beer kit.
  • does your dude like sweets? if so, etsy is full of masculine-looking sweets perfect for gifting. check out the gift sets at whimsyandspice and these guinness cookies … nom.

beer-themed gifts

  • help him get his homebrew started with a gift from urbanbrewery
  • chischillypottery, a shop suggested by follower thegirlwithalltheyarn, sells all kinds of artistic mugs, drinking horns, and steins. i really like the skyrim dragon ones (cough geek cough)
  • or you could get him a cool beer-related accessory from meriwetherofmontana – from carriers to wall openers, there are a lot of ideas in this shop!
  • and these masculine concrete coasters can be personalized with a specific latitude and longitude – perfect for adding a special location to the two of you.

non-cheesy ideas for the music professor and music store worker boyfriends (requested by bloodshotmoon and others) :)

  • guitar string bracelets: 1 | 2 | 3
  • or a personalized guitar pick jewelry piece from rusticbrand
  • a vintage rock tee via rainbowgasoline
  • a new guitar, banjo, ukulele or mandolin strap
  • a device dock for their techy accessories. like these ones from woodrestart or docksmith

minimal necklaces/bracelets for men

  • the bracelets at avnis4men are all pretty minimal
  • mooli’s bracelets are also good for men – tons of styles
  • love the sheer number of options for leather bracelets for men at leathermix and urbansurvivalgearusa, too
  • luckyhorn has a ton of personalized gift ideas for men, both necklaces and bracelets
  • and bohemianfringe’s androgynous boho options may be good for the hipster musician bf :)

inexpensive gifties

for the aviation-obsessed dude (as requested by young–not–bold)

  • an upcycled jet engine mirror for his apartment
  • spinning propeller cufflinks
  • an airplane-embellished business card case

gifts for the guys who like to work out, under $35 (for sixteen-andlost)

  • a cool new workout tank :)
  • some new workout gloves from newgrip
  • a masculine yoga mat bag
  • a workout towel personalized with his name or favorite team logo

other unique mangift ideas

so how’s that for a good start? don’t forget to check my previous guy gifts posts:

  • unique gift ideas for men here
  • etsy shops dedicated to guys here
  • beard and moustache combs/tonics post here
  • gardener/chef-husbo gift ideas, also NO leather ideas here

keep your curation requests coming, all! hope this helps … :)


Ralph Lauren Collection

Actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba in Ralph Lauren Collection at the Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer Event in Los Angeles last night. The one-of-a-kind optic white crochet dress features hand-painted Italian leather hand cut into floral and scroll motifs.