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4/100 days of productivity

Celebrating the end of “the end of semester” exams with my bestie.. It was a really tough session. I was feeling so exhausted and relieved at the same time that it was impossible for me to realise that it’s finally over! It think that everyone has experienced it at least once. 

Honestly, having a cup of coffee with her was so much relaxing. To say how crazy we are, let me tell you we’ve been to 2 different coffee shops ^_^ today. The first one was the “Café des Arts” and the second one “Get Your Mug” which was so cosy and so nicely decorated in a vintage way that it made me feel that I was finally in my world ! 

I think I’ve just found my favourite coffee shop !

Quote of the day : “ ‘Be strong’ I say to my coffee” 

To my BFF : Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less and smile a lot more. Thank you for always being there.

this ceiling is EVERYTHING! I literally almost broke my neck from starring at it too much. Loved this cafe that we randomly stumbled on. Cozy little spot with good tea + coffee (there is no such thing as too much coffee in NYC!). #coffeshopcorners #nyccafecrawl
this ceiling is EVERYTHING! I literally almost broke my neck from starring at it too much😂. Loved this cafe that we randomly stumbled on. Cozy little spot with good tea + coffee (there is no such thing as too much coffee in NYC!). 🍯🐝 #coffeshopcorners #nyccafecrawl


Mikko Espresso & Boutique

Location:  403 Rue Main, Hudson

Metro Station: forget about the metro… this place is in Hudson!

Woah, I included a huge strip of photos for this post. But it’s worth it because this place was gorgeous.. and I didn’t drive 45 minutes to only take a few pictures. 

So I heard about Mikko through an Instagrammer who had been here once and loved it. I guess that’s a good enough reason to go all the way to Hudson for a coffee shop?

My mom woke up this morning and told me she didn’t have work and basically asked me if I wanted to cafe crawl with her. Anywhere.

Anywhere, mom? Fine by me! Since she was down to drive anywhere, I gave her the address of the furthest coffee shop on my list. And we commenced our adventure. 

The drive there was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l in the winter. There was fresh snow everywhere and the trees were all covered in crystals. The snow hadn’t turned into slush yet and they were still holding on to the landscape, making the scenery a real winter wonderland. 

Finding the coffee shop, I realized it was a house. An actual house with 2 floors and everything. The door was so beautifully decorated. Walking in, the blue toned winter wonderland we had witness dissipated from our eyes and all we could feel was the warmth of the cafe. I was surprised by its little town cafe charm. 

The barista immediately greeted us in what I would think was the old living room of the house. They had a counter now though, of course. My mom started telling her that I was a cafe crawler and did the typical “I’m a proud mom” speech. It was a bit embarrassing, but it’s not like I’ll be seeing the people of Hudson any time soon. I let her talk about my not-so-famous blog and Instagram account. 

The cafe had 3 tables and a little bar. I have to admit - there wasn’t a lot of seating, but Hudson isn’t really big so I’m sure they don’t get that packed anyways. Luckily we found a table next to this young couple who were buying a little hat for their newborn baby.

Let me explain… Mikko isn’t only a coffee shop, but it’s also a boutique where you can buy cute decorations, kitchen items and other adorable little items. Their products were everywhere in the shop, and it added a unique personal touch to the entire place. I loved it. Their stuff wasn’t too expensive either (my mom bought a reindeer tea infused - she couldn’t resist). 

The mochas we ordered then came to our table. After snapping about a hundred pictures, I took the first sip. So good! It was rich and creamy and everything you want in a drink. I wish I had ordered one of their croissants too, but maybe I’ll get some next time when I’m in town. 

I’m very glad I got to experience a spontaneous cafe crawl outside of Montreal before the end of the holidays.. I recommend it to anyone who’s down for something a little bit different.

Reflections on an Invisible Sea

Summary: Yet the person must have heard Dan because they turned and suddenly Dan was making eye contact with a very pretty man who completely took his breath away.  Because he looked unlike anyone that Dan had ever met in this small town, and while Dan knew that the man’s curved nose and jarringly pale skin weren’t stereotypically beautiful, on him they undoubtedly were.  Dan could see the ocean in the man’s eyes, even in the dim light, and he couldn’t bring himself to look away. (or where Dan writes poems about the ocean and falls in love with Phil)

Word Count: 5.7k

Warnings: minor swearing

(extra tags: gettingtogether, beach, coffeeshop, poet!dan, writer)


Le Bruloir

Location: 318 Rue Fleury O

Metro Station: Henri-Bourassa

I want to start off by saying thank you so much for +350 followers. I end my holiday break by almost reaching 400 which is more than I expected for this blog.. Thank you for the support  ❤ Getting positive feedback like this means the world to me.

This coffee shop is probably one of my favorites. The best part about it? It’s 10 minutes away from my house by drive… no metro or anything! It’s as close as the Starbucks nearest to me. Win! Our own little indie cafe, here in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. But really, the distance from my house isn’t the only thing that makes this place so special. 

Le Bruloir has caught my attention and warmed my heart in many ways. First of all, just look at the pictures. They say a thousand words: all of them being “CUTE”. Bruloir has a small town feel to it. The decor is so adorable and different than other coffee shops I’ve gone to. The space is saturated with unique corners, various seating arrangements and gorgeous little decorations. Plants, lamps and globes fill the area which makes the cafe feel home-y. The windows are huge. The light that comes in here is just all I want in life. And coffee - but we’ll get to that soon.

Second of all, this shop is ideal for many types of visits. Here to study? There’s a huge desk/table to put your laptop on. On a cute date? There are 2 seater tables along the wall with a gorgeous pattern that is sure to make you fall in love. Coming here alone to read a nice book? There are your typical white, round coffee tables accompanied by beautiful decor.

Another aspect I love about this place is the color scheme. Both warm and cold tones are all around the cafe. The blue and white walls and the reddish wooden tables give it a tasteful contrast.

But what about the COFFEE? Good question. It’s delicious - it’s amazing - it’s life and it’s also their very own. They have their own coffee beans and where do they make them, you ask? Their “labo” is right across the street. You can see it from the cafe. This makes their coffee so fresh. Roasted and straight into the cafe. A unique drink they serve is their cold brew “Nitro coffee” served on tap. 

They also have food, but I haven’t tried it yet! I’ve heard their menu is really good so let me know if you try!

As a bonus, their staff is very friendly. I feel almost at home every time I come here.

If you live around Cartierville or even Laval, try this place out! No need to go downtown to get your indie coffee anymore.. And if you do live in the heart of Montreal, well.. put the effort and travel an hour for coffee for a change ;)