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Video I took of Peter reading the Doctor’s letter to Clara at Minneapolis Comic Con. Unfortunately, I cut just before he did the P.S.


i think about the fact that Clara and Rose lived in the same apartment complex all the time! In episode 1 rose was 19, since clara was born in 1986 they both would have been 19 in 2005. they could have worked together, gone to school together, been neighbours, friends, even at the same time rose was traveling with the doctor

Can you imagine Clara and the Doctor arguing about literature?

Moby-Dick- honestly, shut up and get to the whale.”

“Doctor! That book is a classic because of its intricate and beautifully developed symbolism and its deep philosophical musing on the very nature of truth and reality and the relationship between the two! Shut up and get to the whale, my God, coming from you of all people-”