I wonder what it would be like to lay your head on Calum’s tummy. On his soft warm skin as you watch a movie at some weird hour of the night. His hand would be in your hair; playing with any loose strands or he would be tracing little patterns with on your shoulder. Your arms tightly wrapped around his beautiful body, as you zone out into the movie. Calum wouldn’t even be focused on the film, he’d just have his eyes on you just admiring you. “Y/n?” Looking up at him a small smile would form on your lips. “I love you.” He’s say and his face would go into a small smile but when you said those three words back each time his heart would skip a beat and his stomach would flutter, and he’d always just smile because he really was in love with you and these simple moments.

Calum was always looking at the view. There weren’t any clouds in the sky so he could see straight down. He would constantly say to you, “Y/N look!” and he would point out the window with so much enthusiasm. But later on, when the excitement had left him, he was fast asleep with his head on your shoulder. He would put the armrest up so he could be closer to you, and you wouldn’t mind. He would slowly move his head down, and his head would reach your chest and his arm would wrapped around your waist. He wanted to cuddle so bad, but the limited amount of space wouldn’t allow it. If he could make room for it, his head would reach your lap and it was like he was begging for you to play with his hair. You would sit there for the next few hours, lazily running your fingers through his hair while combatting the feelings of oncoming sleep.

When you land, you would shake him awake and hear a low groan escape from his lips. He’d stretch as best as he could in such a confined space with his shirt lifting to show his v-line. You just couldn’t take your eyes off him. He would just look at you and smile with the wrinkles forming around his eyes and the dimples that you adored. You quickly grabbed your carry on and made our way off the plane. You could feel the crisp air of the New York winter as you left the plane, causing you to get chills. This resulted in Calum coming behind you to pull you into him. His arm draped around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. At baggage claim you both stood there in a loose hug, your head resting on his chest. His warmth really helped with the cool air. Airports are always cold. You turn your head to look at him, again he gives you that smile just like the one he gave you when he woke up. He reaches his hand up to hold your face. You turn your head into it while he rubs your red cheek with his thumb. You get on your tippy toes and plant a kiss on his plump and slightly chapped lips that resulted from the cold. He pulled away and just looked at you with that grin that you always love to see.