Mic Drop | BTS 

[+237, -199] For sales to just randomly explode like that in the middle of the night is suspicious, the way most sajaegis work

[+24, -1] What is BTS… or rather, who are they..?

[+212, -33] Who are these BTS nugus

“BTS’ ‘Wings’ Sets New U.S. Record for Highest-Charting, Best-Selling K-Pop Album”

“BTS break records with ‘Love Yourself - Her’ album sales”

“BTS is the first K-pop artist on Spotify’s Global Top 50”

“On the first day of its release, 'Love Yourself - Her’ sold a total of 455,888 copies. The album also set an impressive new record for highest stock pre-orders with 1,122,946 albums.”

Did you see my bag
It’s full of trophies
How you think bout that
Haters are already fed up

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