Rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria)

The rainbow boa is a boa species found in Central and South America. A terrestrial species, it is known for its attractive iridescent sheen caused by structural coloration. Nine subspecies are currently recognized. Younger specimens will often bite because of natural defensive instincts, but tend to calm down as they become used to handling.

photo credits: wiki, wiki, wiki, venomoussnakes

a sequel to sm entertainment’s 2012 documentary, “i am”, is set to be released this summer. the second documentary, which is entitled “smtown the stage”, will follow current artists / groups under the smtown roster: kangta, boa, tvxq, super junior, girls’ generation, shinee, f(x), exo and red velvet. there is no mention of an official release day or if the concert will follow an important milestone event as “i am” did (ie: smtown’s concert at madison square garden in october 2011) but it will follow a similar pattern to the first in terms of backstage footage and interviews with sm idols. (source: cinema today / official website)


So Loa (Hogg Island boa) was blessed at my mother’s church a while back. We made it through the service with only two Genesis jokes being made about us! :,D

(By the photographer’s request, here’s the rest of the photos from the event!)

Oeheoe bless me buttis, dunk me in the sippy drippy from mister jeephis cups 9.833/10 He’s a man who love too sips!

Since you guys liked the photo of the snow boa I’m bringing home, I thought I’d share the picture of her mother (Albino). Look at this amazing girl…I’m really hoping my girl will take after her mother and get super big like this. My baby is being shipped June 1st :D Won’t be long now!!

This photo is also by Amber Sturtevant (The breeder)