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Last week we teamed up with Coleman Canada’s Get Outside program to explore BC’s Purcell Mountains. We set up a nice cozy camp on the shores of Kootenay Lake, then set out on day trips into the mountains. We tackled two trails in the Glacier Creek drainage: Monica Meadows and Jumbo Pass.

These are stunning hikes into some of BC’s best wilderness, surrounded by glacier views and massive granite peaks and miles and miles of alpine meadow.

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By Emanuel Smedbøl

Mountain ranges are jagged ragged things, with an almost endless amount of basins and drainages and valleys to explore. One could spend a lifetime driving around, hiking both well known trails and finding a constant stream of new ones. 

Despite its proximity to trails I’ve hiked again and again, I only ventured up to the McKean Lakes for the first time last week. Just west of Valhalla Provincial Park in BC’s mountainous West Kootenays, it’s a relatively steep trail up to a little meadow at the base of Mt Woden. The McKean Lakes are both pretty substantial, with with ridges and mountains to hike, ample open areas for camping, or a heliskiing cabin you can rent. And a canoe.


Emanuel Smedbøl is a Vancouver-based designer, photographer, and co-founder of the adventure blog Field & Forest. You can find more of his work on his website, tumblr, or instagram @emanuelsmedbol.