A better perspective from the peak of any mountain.

Panorama Ridge, Garibaldi Provincial Park, BC. 

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By Michael Barrus

We had just turned into the inlet when we spotted the splashes. The estuary at the end of the inlet was exploding with whitewater, and we first thought we had found the salmon that had so far eluded us on this fishing trip to BC’s central coast. It looked to be an enormous school — thousands of fish perhaps, all jumping wildly. Eric threw the throttle down and gunned towards them, as Bryn and I scrambled to set up rods and tie on spoons. As we approached them, the action moved towards us and it became clear that what we were seeing was not salmon but hundreds of dolphins. They burst from the water, spinning wildly in the air, some by themselves, some in pairs, some three at a time. I pulled the dingy off the roof and leapt into it, drifting away from the Dipper and into the pod. Our search for fish was forgotten, but truthfully, fishing is often an excuse to find things like this that we couldn’t possibly know we were looking for.


Michael Barrus shoots photos, writes words, and casts flies in and around Vancouver, BC. You can see more of his work at michaelbarrus.com and follow along on Instagram @michealbarrus

My name is Mata Nui.

This world is fire and blood.

Once, I was a god; a Great Spirit searching for a righteous cause.

As my world was taken from me, each of us in our own way was broken. It was hard to know who was more crazy.

Me, or everyone else.


Where are you…?

Here it comes again. Worming its way into the black matter of my brain.

I tell myself: “It cannot hurt me.”

“It’s just a mask.”