Sexy Dance (Baro)

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Baro and you had been best friends since forever. You both had a strong passion for singing, dancing and rapping. You went toegether to dance lessons and you were the best dancers of the class. The teacher loved you.

Dance exams were close and the teacher decided to make the exam by following a coreography already made by Trouble Maker. Sexy dance was the subject. Baro got the parts of Hyunseung and you got the parts of Hyuna. You were almost all the time dancing, so it was more hard for you than for the others. You decided to start learning the coreography after the class in Baro’s house every friday night.

This coreography was impossible for Baro. It was friday at 6 pm, and while he waited for you, we tried to learn a bit of it. There was a lot of skinship and even though he loved it, he knew he couldn’t control himself. He loved you since he has memory and now, you’re all grown and the idea of dancing so close, touching you, was burning Baro’s brain.

He perfectly knew his parts, but you’ve never made the coreography toegether and Baro was worried. You knocked the door and he opened.

“Hey.” He said.

“Annyeong oppa, are you ok?” You asked, looking at his face.

“Huh? Yes, yes, don’t worry. Go to the bathroom and get ready, I don’t think you can comfortably dance with those jeans.”

You went to the bathroom and came back with another clothes. You were wearing a short, a white comfortable t-shirt, a shirt, and converse.(like in the video)

Baro’s work of concentration was even harder with you wearing that outfit. He took a deep breath and you started precticing. At first, he was trembeling, but then his movements became sure, even though you couldn’t finish the coregraphy because of the mistakes. 

“Let’s do it one more time” You said.

And you did it. This time, it was perfect. Passion was there, emotion was there, concentration was there and…love was there too.

You finished very close, his hand in your waist, with barely breathing, face to face, noses touching. When you could breath properly, he looked at you right in the eye and kissed you. You were surprised by this sudden action but god, you loved him, so you kissed him too. 

His hand moved up and down in you back and suddenly stopped at your butt and squished it. You really didn’t mind, this moment was something you waited for a long time. His other hand took off the shirt while you layed on the sofa, him over you. 

You licked his lips and he opened his mouth. Your tongue was dominant for a few seconds, and then Baro atacked, living you with no choice but being submissive. He took off your white shirt, revealing your black sport-bra. He smirked at his view and you pulled him for another kiss.

You took off his shirt and your hands investigated his body while he did the same with you. Your shorts were in the air in seconds and you said goodbye to his pant as soon as you could. 

He kissed all his way from your ear to your collarbone and bit hard, leaving a notable mark there, making you moan of pain. He took off your bra and kissed your breasts, without biting or sucking, just kissing them. You were sure that you didn’t want sex, but make love, but you couldn’t tell his opinion. You looked at him iin the eyes when you slided his boxers down, putting them in the pile of clothes.

Your hands were touching the other’s body. There was no place where Baro’s fingers didn’t touch, and the same with him. He slowly took off the last piece of cloth that covered your body.

He kissed your lips again, with passion, with love…

And he made love to you. You didn’t know what to do. The pain was undescritible, but you didn’t want him to go away. A few tears fell from your eye.

“Jagiya don’t cry, I’ll be gentle, I promise. Everything will be ok….”

Your nails scratched his back, making him bleed, while you moaned because of the sensation of him getting in and out of you with love, trying not to hurt you.

You forgot about the pain and started to moan uncontrolably.

“More Baro…” You asked, breathless.

And he kept mooving harder, deeper, holding to the sofa. You felt you could break it in any second.

You felt your climax close when he hitted your spot and you screamed in pleassure, releasing, your walls clenching in the sides of his penis.

He couldn’t resist any longer, cumbed inside of you and colapsed.

“_____…I…I love you…” he said

“Nado Saranghae oppa..”


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anonymous asked:

How would Baro ask out his crush?

I don’t think that Baro would be the type to plan this out - he would probably just gather up the nerve while he’s hanging out with you and just do it spontaneously. “Hey, y/n…I know this is out of the blue, but we should have dinner sometime.” He’d invite you somewhere casual and fun, maybe dinner and then karaoke, and he’d spend the entire time cracking jokes and snuggling up against you just to see you smile :)

- Admin Rin