There is a special Running man episode coming

There will be 100 celibrities in teams. This is what I know so far:

Purple team: 100%, 4 of KNK, 24K (including Hongseob and Changsun), BESTie (this team is complete I guess)
Yellow team: Topp Dogg
Orange team: Monsta X without Shownu & Jooheon, KNK’s Seungjun aka the traitor lmao
Red team: Jooheon & Shownu, VIXX’ Hyuk, Ken and Ravi
Blue team: Madtown, few of Gugudan (idk who, idk how many), ALLSTAR (independent group)
Pink team: Snuper, Bigstar, few of gugudan
Sky team: Halo, few of Gugudan (idk who, idk how many)

I know DIA is somewhere too probably and I am really confused about Gugudan, are they completely split up?

Will update!