[150502] So this picture was taken when NU’EST came to Toronto on Saturday.  I was truly fortunate enough to be able to meet them, interact with them and get a picture with them.  Since I wasn’t able to get on the stage (where they were having their fansigning/hi-touch since I’m in a wheelchair and couldn’t physically walk up the stairs) the sweet boys were able to come down and greet me instead. I felt so grateful to the group that they were able to do this for me and grateful for being able to be in the presence of such a wonderful, humble, down-to-earth, nicest group I’ve ever met.  Thank you for making my night so special, I truly appreciate it! NU’EST fighting! ^^


Nu'est at Dallas! The concert was really good. I was in the back and my 5"4 self had a bit trouble seeing, which my photos reflect, but I had fun. The boys were very handsome in person~ Ren would smile at the cheering- he did this cute little cheek lift thing. At one point he closed his eyes and put his hands on his chest. He seemed floored and grateful at the crowd that showed up and all the support they got. If Nu'est drops by your city, be sure to cheer loudly so the boys can feel your love! At one point in the show the band (mainly Aron) talked to someone in the front right corner of the crowd near the stage. I couldn’t see the guy, but the conversation was about the guy they were talking to (I’m assuming he was disabled or terminally ill) and how Nu'est gave him strength. Aron repeatedly said “Oh my god, don’t cry, don’t cry or I’ll start crying.” He seemed really touched and would wipe at his eyes, though I couldn’t tell if he cried. The singing was great and their dances were very synchronized. They’re a very humble group and are honest with their feelings. MyMusicTaste should be hosting concerts to make general admission free, so if Nu'est is going to your city, you should see these cuties. c8 (Also haha, 700 Texans were louder than 1000 Canadians. Hell yeah!)

bornthismg: It was a heart fluttering time… I was so happy that I barely held my tears. I realized many things… I realized that there are many wonderful things in this world. I am always thankful. And we, NU'EST, want to be a at least a little strength and happiness to all the people with physical hardships and ilness. I hope you all get strong reading this! I will be always supporting.


I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed breed Pokemon floating around on tumblr so I decided to give it a shot? Things like too-much-green’s Chikoritas and ohcorny’s Mareeps have been my particular favorites!

I decided on Aron, because it’s one of my favorites and it had a limited gene pool. I tried to stick with rock/ground/grass/ice types, since it all had a mineral compound so to speak and would logically make sense? (like there was a Lickilicky that can breed with Aron–Still trying to wrap my mind around that one and how that would work.)

I might have gone a little bit overboard in the designs, but my take on it is that they’re supposed to look like their fathers until they evolve, which they’d take on more Lairon/Aggron like traits, but until then they have to blend in.