armie is so iconic. like, don’t you just love how there wasn’t supposed to be a tmfu sequel? but then armie accidentally said they WERE making one in a press conference. armie has to text guy richie and say “so hey I fucked up please tell me you have a script” and how guy richie just kind of “…are you serious” and now we have a sequel in the makes. shoutout to armie for fucking up and getting us a sequel to tmfu.

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You mentioned that armie says timothee should answer yes to something, can you say where you heard this??

it’s while timmy is answering about future projects possibly including china, you can hear him whisper it right about here if you turn your sound up lol 

i think its adorable hes like trying to coach him through this process and all this new attention timmy’s been getting. you can see it whenever they take photos together (good example is the berlinale conference) and whenever they interview he’s hyping him up, idk i love it so much ;~;

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did you notice how armie talks about the filming experience, he's so passionate about the whole thing. I get the feeling that timothee doesn't share the same intense affection for that time of their lives. Idk if it's cause it doesn't come across in the way he communicates to the press or cause he just doesn't feel that way. either way it kinda mirrors oliver and elio's relationship where oliver felt so much more about the experience than elio. what do you think?

i can definitely see a little bit of that!! i agree i think it affected armie more. timmy is so new to all of this and seems so much more open and bright eyed compared to armie, who i think is a bit more jaded with this industry. to armie the appreciation for this kind of experience seems like it would be more immediate, whereas i think with timmy it will be something he realizes a bit more later on, when he has more to compare it to (god, now im making myself upset, it really does mirror them…)

i also think timmy is way more shy than armie when it comes to talking to the press. not that armie isnt guarded (clearly he is), but he definitely feels more comfortable opening up about his experience with this movie than timmy does. also, maybe timmy isnt quite sure how to articulate it? he kind of parrots a lot of what armie says (which is adorable) and still seems somewhat unsure of himself when it comes to navigating those kinds of conversations

idk im rambling now, but overall i DO think the experience deeply affected timmy, but i also agree armie probably felt it more. i have a quiet, whimsical hope that in 10-15 years they’ll both take a trip together back to crema and stay with luca and reminisce on the time they spent together

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talking about the anon thing before, armie probably found out he was gonna be a dad for the second time while shooting cmbyn so i bet it was a really nice moment in he's personal life as well and that could be part of the affection he shows for that time

it could be! i dont know a whole lot about his personal life so i didnt even know this happened while he was shooting lol but im sure a lot of things factor into those feelings