I am playing this game right now! This game was actually a Christmas gift from Kairosoft for their fans haha..but there is no English Translation from Kairosoft yet, maybe they are working on it or something.
It’s a bit like the Game Dev Story though. OwO
But I like the idea of working in a magazine company!! One of my ambition hehe >w< Thanks Kairosoft again for making this game!

Town Magazine’s Story



I found this great app today called “WeiLoss” and took some screenshots. It is almost like a fitblr and Instagram had a baby! It’s amazing. If you don’t know what it is; it has real life people, on their real journeys. They share secrets, ask questions to the community, and share inspiration photos and progress photos!! And instead of Hearting you click the ⚡️inspired button! I am still new on it, no posts yet but my username is “sineadodessa”. I definitely recommend this app! Found a lot of great posts and ideas and just got started.