Clever app uses photos from all over the world to track pollution

What if managing city smog were as simple as snapping a photo? Maybe it is. A new project called AirTick is using cellphone snaps to help scientists track air pollution. The project started with a fundamental question: How do we manage good air quality? This method could be a lot more cost effective and practical.

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I'm working on an app (game? idk) at the moment for android where you have an altar and decorate it and take photos of it, make potions and (hopefully by tuesday) draw tarot cards (though ill only have the major arcana by tuesday) and draw sigils. I was wondering if this would be of any use of a low budget witch and if, when it's a bit further along, you'd like to post it here? (it started out with the global game jam and their theme of ritual)

That sounds so cool!! :O !!! I’d love to share it once it’s more developed! 

Good luck on making it! :D

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72 Seasons applicationA year of nature, food and tradition seen through the ancient Japanese calendar (seen on Spoon & Tamago via IG Facebook)

[this] app has recently been translated into English, and is available for free. It syncs with the old 72 season calendar and updates about every 5 days, pinging you (if you allow it) with every new microseason as you enter it.

And not only does it give you the microseason but a whole bunch of poetic information like the seasonal word (this week is risshun, or ‘first spring’), seasonal fish (Spiny Lobster!), seasonal vegetable (Butterbur anyone?), seasonal star and even seasonal activity. And each is accompanied by a beautiful illustration or photograph. I was honestly surprised that a free app could come with such high-quality content. (We were not paid to say that. It’s just how we feel.)

I totally agree with Spoon & Tamago‘s review: this app is absolutly lovely, easy to use and with great quality content. I can’t believe it’s actually a free one!

I highly encourage you to try it if you are interested in classical Japanese culture, a Haiku lover or… a kimono enthousiast ;)


With the right perk; striker titans are supermen in disguise.

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