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That Winter, the wind blows

“That Winter, the wind blows” was just beautiful. Characters were devloped well and were consistent, storyline was wonderful, twists and turns till the last minute LOLS and can I just say, if there is a fashion award for dramas, this drama needs to win it. EVERYONE was just dressed so nicely, and Jo Insung was WORKING those suspenders and colored suits/ jackets every dang time.

I’m not the biggest fan of Kim Bum but this is my fave role of his, Jo Insung was perfection as usual. Eunji was amazeballs, and least I forget, the lead actress was AMAZING. . I REALLY love dramas that teach me a thing or two. I LOVED that the heroine, no matter how upset she was, was so understanding of everyone’s situations. If there was anything I learned it was to forgive and to allow people to help you. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak, forgiving someone you love that has hurt you badly doesn’t make you weak. Such a lovely drama form beginning to end :)