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I know blarkes don't pay attention unless Beachball is on screen but 4 the millionth the commander aka Lexa was always a character on the show. Not visibly but still canonically since S1. Anya was never the commander(I'm always surprised by those who still think that). Anya was killed bc the writers dont know how to keep interesting characters alive esp woc. Evidence? the treatment of every single woc on that show. Do they blame the racist writers & Jroth... no its the fictional lesbian's fault.

Honestly I’ve tried to explain the obvious so many times that I just don’t bother anymore because it’s all in the text. Anya always spoke of the Commander. Always. It wasn’t her. Period. End of story. Lexa didn’t replace anyone. 

You know what’s really starting to bother me about S3?

Anya’s never mentioned, her entire character is null and void in season 3. 

Like, other then we see her so clearly in Lexa. Lexa fights like her, she trains Aden like Anya trains Tris (and probably Lexa). But Lexa never talks about Anya, never credits Anya for any of her teachings. She even calls Titus “teacher” but WTF wasn’t Anya her mentor?! She was fucking heartbroken when Anya died in Season 2 but now all of a sudden it’s Titus who gets all the credit for ANYA raising Lexa?

How even did Anya second Lexa? If Lexa’s a nightblood and all the nightbloods train in Polis under the Commander and Titus how did they even meet? Like none of the nightbloods so far are shown with a mentor, it’s all Lexa and Titus.

Honestly it would have been cool if Anya lived to season 3, I feel like that would have made the whole story better. Imagine her and Titus arguing over what’s best for Lexa. Imagine Anya trying to protect Lexa’s happiness while Titus fights for Lexa’s responsibilities. It would have been nice to see Lexa’s relationship with both of these characters more.