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Le renard tournant et le pigeon rebondissant (partie 2)

The spinning fox and the bouncing pigeon (part 2) 

Français : Deux semaines après la première rencontre de ces deux nouveaux amis, le renard continuait toujours à tourner comme à son habitude mais cette fois-ci en ajoutant des pas de danse qu’il a appris grâce au pigeon qui, du coup, a refait son apparition.

Lui aussi apprenait durant ces deux semaines mais n’arrivait pas encore à maîtriser ce mouvement.

 Avec l’aide du renard, celui-ci pouvait enfin découvrir la joie de tourner, ce qui avait pour effet  d’attirer deux nouveaux petits pigeons qui, eux aussi, voulaient apprendre à tourner !

English : Two weeks after the first meeting of the two new friends, the fox did as always and turned but this time adding some of the pigeon’s moves on the way it could spin just before the little friend came back.

The pigeon worked hard too during these two weeks to spin by itself but didn’t control it yet.

 So, with the fox’s helping hands, the pigeon could finaly enjoy the way of spinning and this attracted two new friends who wanted to learn this too !

(Bonjour tout le monde !! How are you ? ‘U’ 

I don’t post a lot thes times, it’s because I’m in a rush period and I have to focus on lots of things, animating take lots of time and I can’t use more free time to draw and animate, but soon, holidays for me and I’ll be able to post a lot like before !

Thank you for all, for the messages I had during these two long weeks !

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