My first digital piece in years and i had to do it with a mouse. sigh. couldve added a little more detail with a tablet but ya know. Anyway, thought itd be interesting to do comics about how the ghosts died and this is sorta my take on Ember. i might do the others but idk.

More general human experience standup

“And then it’s like, we have all this so called ‘Skin?’ It’s just hanging around keeping all the goo inside? And I’m supposed to believe it’s not getting anything outta this deal? I wasn’t born yesterday, 'Skin!’”

“Blood, y'all. We all got hell of blood inside us. It’s got cells and then get this, this shit has *plasma.* It’s like, what am I, doc, 1080p HD or what?”

“You ever thought about bones? How they’re all up in every person. Bones are wild.”


160827 MBC Music Core - EXO - LOTTO (Louder)


160827 | Music Core - Louder (Lotto) Performance