😂😂😂 Daesung & Taecyeon reenacting the situp scene from Secret Garden 😂

2PM’s Reaction to Their S/O Leaving Scratches On Their Back

Request: “can you do reaction with 2pm you scratched his back during intimacy”

A/N: I love 2PM so much, so I’m so hype that someone actually requested them and the fact that the request is kinda racy makes it ten times better *side smirk*

-Admin Sonsee

Minjun (Jun.K): It’s such a turn-on for him. He thinks of it as you marking him as your own, which he finds extremely sexy. Plus, he’s known for marking your neck with purple bruises to let people know just who you “belong to”. 

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Nickhun: He’s gonna be all cheeky about it, saying something like, “You just couldn’t resist huh?” Then he’d proceed to be extra cocky, flexing his toned back muscles for you with a sly smirk on his face.

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Taecyeon: While you two were intimate there was no doubt that he liked it, loved it even, but afterward when he sees the marks in the mirror, he can’t help but blush at the thought of how they got there.

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Wooyoung: He hadn’t even noticed what you were doing the night before. However, after he sees the marks the next morning, he doesn’t hesitate to give you lots of hickeys in return. 

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Junho: Initiate daddy mode. He’s gonna say something like, “Someone’s been naughty I see? Should I show you what happens to naughty girls?” Then, he’ll proceed to give you a mind-blowing orgasm. Well um, this escalated quickly. Oops.

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Chansung: He freakin’ loves it. He’s not going to actually voice how much he likes it, but you’ll know with subtle hints like the way he looks at you or the little smirk on his face.

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Why does this look like a family portrait? Is that what they were going for?

Minjun looks like a proud Mom in that cardigan; “Look at my handsome sons; I’ve raised them well….”

Chansung is the Dad who’s like “yeaaaah, she’s forcing me to take this photo, but she promised we’ll get food afterwards soooo…”

Wooyoung is the eldest son who just finished law school and is opening up his own law firm…

Taecyeon is a junior in college majoring in History so he can be a Professor…

Junho is a senior in High School who’s in AP classes and who will graduate with honors…

and Nichkhun just got promoted from Kindergarten into first grade and he couldn’t be any more excited…

Honest opinion about the boygroups I stan

EXO aka SM goldmine. “One lawsuit a day keeps the Chinese away”. 9 people, 3 have lines. 24 y/o beagle line. One worships Satan every full moon.

BTS aka the new kings. Started from the bottom now we here. Did you catch that metaphor? Owe their lives to Demian.

iKON aka Hanbin and other 6 kids. ‘Have you seen Hanbin?’ ‘Hanbin, we need three more songs for tomorrow’ 'Where the fuck is Hanbin?’

GOT7 aka Dab7. Do we need Korean members in a kpop band? We can’t have another Jaebum as leader change his name. Can someone please tape Bambam’s mouth?

Winner aka Losers. Were supposed to be the next big bang ended up stuck in the yg basement.

Day6 aka day5 aka day8. So independent jyp forgot about them.

Astro aka gfriend. Did you know they invented being cute and also being perfect?

Seventeen aka the only reason pledis is still open. Are you sure they’re all legal? Nope, they ain’t. Stop those hip thrusts!

VIXX aka Neo precious family. How can a leader be so bullied? Jellyfish doing things right. But, please, pay Ravi some English lessons

Shinee aka nobody has left! Saving kpop since 2008. Release bop after bop. Have the best fandom.

Infinite aka THE BOYBAND. Think of boyband think of them. Vocals, vocals and vocals. The sound of kpop.

Up10tion aka Andy’s children. They’re all Korean even though their names ain’t. Slaying the dark concepts even though they’re 12 years old.

Monsta X aka Visual X. Serving visuals since 2015. Weirdest rapper line. Leader is actually a teddy bear in a hunk’s body.

Big Bang aka Lengends only. Can we even call them a boyband? Could release 3 minutes of seals screaming and win Song of the year.

B.A.P aka court kings. TS has cold sweats whenever they enter the building. Leader deserves the world and more.

Block B aka Zico & the boys. Only have comebacks when Zico feels like it. That hiphop group with too many vocals, do they really need four?

2PM aka that old group from jyp. The beast idols. Have had more scandals that we can count. Sound better on mute.

NCT aka every SM trainee ever
*SM headquarters some time in 2013* “What do we do with all these trainees we can’t debute?” “Omg call Lee Soo Man because I just had the best idea.”

SF9 aka they can pronounce the F but refuse to. I truly appreciate them, still I think the Band should have won.

Pentagon aka Cube’s new blood. 10 members, never heard the voice of 5; Great dancers though.

BtoB aka Cube we are still here. Will leave as soon as their contracts end. Did you know I didn’t know Minhyuk was a rapper?

B1A4 aka Jinyoung I love you. Jinyoung I love you. Sandeul is cute though.

N.flying aka that group fnc debuted last year and completely forgot about them. Please, eat well in Japan.

FTisland aka that idol band you forget are idols. OST of a life. Should we call them k-rock?

CNblue aka the other idol band. Band members turned actors. Have more dramas than comebacks, nobody complains.